Thursday, September 12, 2013

Roadside Strangers 4: Fan the Flames

Firefighter Brody Wagner spent most of his life cleaning up the chaos his little brother, Timothy caused in people’s lives. The biggest one was his horrible treatment of curvy brown skinned beauty, Ja’Nael Haughton. Unlike his brother, he loved when a woman had curves on her figure.

Years ago, Ja’Nael left town because of her issues with his brother, but now she was back home for good. This was his chance to show her that he was his own man and nothing like his sibling when it came to his feelings.

Ja’Nael Haughton finally decided to swallow her pride and come back home to Colorado after years of being away. She had been expecting to run into people from her past, but not blond and blue-eyes Brody Wagner. He was one of the sexiest men in town, but also the brother of the man she had hated since high school.

Could she really forget the past and see if what Brody is offering might be exactly what she had been searching for?

Coming on Sept. 15th from Cobblestone Press

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

August 27th from Phaze Books...Sinful

"Have you ever tasted something so delicious that you are still dreaming about it days later? If not, Sinful bakery is the place for you. Our assortment of rich, baked goodies will have you coming back for more and more. Whoever said being naughty couldn’t have a fulfilling sweet side?"

The moment Jensen Lowe read that flyer stuck behind his windshield wiper on his car, he knew his gym, Fitness 24, was in for some trouble from the new bakery that moved in next door. He couldn’t believe someone would be crazy enough to actually place a calorie-filled dessert shop in his part of town. He couldn’t wait until he met the owner to give her a piece of his mind.

Maymi Monroe couldn’t believe her neighborhood confronted her about her bakery ‘Sinful.’ Why was it any of his business what she sold out of her own property? If he thought his stupid warning was going to scare her away, then he was out of his gorgeous mind.

She was determined to stay put and fight off drowning inside Jensen’s sexy bedroom eyes every time he looked at her. He had her thinking of several sinful things and none of them had anything to do with baking.


Saturday, May 18, 2013

Dante's Way( Bikers and Bars) Book #1 is here!

Sexy biker Dante Braden owned one of the hottest bars in Los Angeles and had women tossing themselves at him night after night for free drinks or anything else they might be able to get. However, he gave up having any kind of personal life a long time ago...until Amara Langston suddenly came into his world.

Nothing had ever prepared him for the way she brought a breath of fresh air into his life. The moment she climbed on the back of his motorcycle, Dante knew nothing would ever be the same.

Amara wasn’t thinking about a man the night she caught handsome six foot four Dante Braden's attention. He knocked any rational thought from her mind as she gazed into his eyes.

Yet, she didn't have time to fall in love, especially with a guy like him, since her problems seemed miles away from his. So, it was for the best if she stopped things before they even started.

Will Dante be able to show Amara she can count on him or will he lose the woman who has stolen his heart?

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Marie Rochelle blog in 2013

I'm trying to do a quick survey to see what my fans want to see from my blog in 2013. What do you want to see posted on here to keep you coming back for more? Excerpts from upcoming books, info on what new hot male that I'm working on.

Fill me in on what you want to see posted here. I have a few ideas of what I want/will in the New Year, but I also want input from my fans.


Roadside Strangers 3: Stranded

Blake Perry was as laid back as any man could get, but the first time he meets Roshall Tyson. He has never disliked a woman that instantly in his life. However, he can’t stop fantasizing about her long toned brown legs and killer body. After a while, he finally figured out how to make his nightly fantasies disappear.

Roshall wanted to hate Sheriff Blake Perry, but he always looked so good in his uniform everything their paths crossed. Driving every other rational from her mind until she thinks about doing the worst thing possible…giving in.   Buy now at Cobblestone Press

Sunday, September 02, 2012

Newest Release: Ruthless @ Cobblestone Press

The driving need for revenge pushed him…

One word keep Damian Michaels focused on becoming a successful businessman ─ revenge. The memory of how one man treated him still burned in his mind today.

If the bastard wasn’t still around; he would take out his plan on the next best thing…his daughter Channing.

Until she captured his heart…

Channing Michelle wasn’t nothing like her cruel father. She didn’t believe in tossing anyone to the side in their time of need.

So, that was the reason Channing hired the gorgeous stranger who came to her animal shelter looking for a job.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Alpha Male Inc. Under Your Protection News.

I'm so excited and I wanted to share my news with everyone. My first paranormal romance Alpha Male Inc.: Under Your Protection was chosen as one of Joyfully Reviewed's Best of 2011. How great is that?

I want to thank everyone who support my first paranormal romance.


Thursday, March 01, 2012

New Release: Curiosity from Cobblestone Press

Krishell Tynan wasn’t usually a curious woman, but the second she laid her eyes on her neighbor. She couldn’t get him out of her mind. All she thought about was finding out more about him. She wasn’t going to listen to the old saying about curiosity and the cat. She would find out more about Devin Diamont…damn the consequences.

Devin Diamont tried everything he could to keep Krishell away from him but she wouldn’t stay away. The scent of her was driving him crazy. She didn’t understand how long he had been searching for her. She was his mate.