Thursday, September 12, 2013

Roadside Strangers 4: Fan the Flames

Firefighter Brody Wagner spent most of his life cleaning up the chaos his little brother, Timothy caused in people’s lives. The biggest one was his horrible treatment of curvy brown skinned beauty, Ja’Nael Haughton. Unlike his brother, he loved when a woman had curves on her figure.

Years ago, Ja’Nael left town because of her issues with his brother, but now she was back home for good. This was his chance to show her that he was his own man and nothing like his sibling when it came to his feelings.

Ja’Nael Haughton finally decided to swallow her pride and come back home to Colorado after years of being away. She had been expecting to run into people from her past, but not blond and blue-eyes Brody Wagner. He was one of the sexiest men in town, but also the brother of the man she had hated since high school.

Could she really forget the past and see if what Brody is offering might be exactly what she had been searching for?

Coming on Sept. 15th from Cobblestone Press

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