Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Sexiest Cover!!!

I just posted a new poll on my yahoo group Shades of Love asking fans which one of my covers do they think is the sexiest.

Taken by Storm
Loving True
Slow Seduction
Devilishly Yours

Go and vote! I can't wait to see which one wins. If you aren't a member now would be a perfect time to join.

Marie Rochelle

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Excerpt (unedited) from Devilishly Yours: Sequel to BestSeller Taken by Storm

“Come on Sergeant Webster don’t put me on leave now. I swear that I’m okay.”
“No, you haven’t been the same since you came back from you last undercover assignment. I want you to take six weeks off.” Sergeant Webster insisted flinging the file down on his clutter free desk. Leaning back in the leather chair his no sense boss stared at him. “You’re a young man. Take this time off to find a woman. I don’t want you to become a work alcoholic like me.”
“I’m not a work alcoholic. I love being a cop.” Ryan Lerner insisted. “When the right woman comes along I’ll settle down but until then I want to stay busy and working is the only thing for me.”
He didn’t want to take this bogus leave of absence his over protective boss was trying to toss his way. He had to keep his mind off his last assignment. He knew what happened to Syleena’s Webster mother wasn’t his fault. Vivian Webster was a first class whore, but she didn’t deserve to be stabbed twenty times by one of her prostitutes.
“I swear that I’m fine, Sergeant,” he insisted. “Let me have the latest jewelry robbery case.
Standing up his friend and boss for the past four years placed his hands face down on the desk, “Stop asking me to take back your vacation time. You know that it’s mandatory that I do this. At least I’m not sending you to the department shrink.” Sergeant Webster said. “It’s Halloween night. Go home and pass out candy to those adorable kids in your neighborhood.”
His left hand shot up from the desk and a finger pointed toward the door. “Ajana Bennett isn’t your case or problem. Don’t add any extra stress to your life. I’ve noticed how you can’t take your eyes off her picture inside the file. Yes, she’s a very attractive young woman but she is more dangerous than two cobras loose in your bed at night.” Sergeant Webster continued.
“But I was the one who figured out Ajana was the burglar stealing from all the local jewelry stores. It isn’t fair another cop will get the credit for bringing her in.” Ryan complained. He was tired of taking a back seat like Sergeant Webster had ordered him to do for the past couple of months. He wanted to be back out there in front with the other men.
“Hell, it wasn’t your case in the first damn place.” Sergeant Webster sighed falling back down into his seat. “Jones was all over this case until you talked to that reporter.”
Ryan shrugged. “Can I help it if she fell for my charm? Plus who knew I would look so damn good on television?”
“Now isn’t the time for your humor. Miss Bennett stole a priceless jewel from her last robbery. We need to find both of them ASAP.”
“Good, I’m glad you see it my way.” Ryan uttered sitting down overlooking the hard glares tossed his way. “I’ve talked to some people that know Ajana and I think she might be back in town.”
Ryan wanted to solve this case more than anything to prove he still had it. That whole thing with Syleena turned out badly. This was a clean slate he was working with now. Sergeant Webster had to give him another chance to prove his skills as a good cop.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

My new book Devilishly Yours Blurb....

Atlanta undercover detective Ryan Lerner took his vow to uphold the law to heart and went by the book no matter what the case was. He loved being a law enforcement officer and swore to maintain that opinion until he retired. Never before had he let his personal feelings get in the way of bringing a criminal in. So why was his resolve tested on his next case involving the eye-catching dark toffee skinned ‘cat burglar’ named Ajana Bennett?
Ajana Bennett didn’t like how Detective Ryan Lerner accused her of being the Atlanta jewel thief two nights before Halloween. So she decided to take matters into her own hands. All she had to do was prove her innocence to him by any means necessary and Ryan was a very sexy man so she didn’t mind spending Halloween or any other night with him.
Would Ajana prove her innocence in time or would Ryan be left holding the bag in…..Devilishly Yours?


Friday, September 08, 2006

Sexiest Titles....

What are some of the sexiest titles out there on books right now? Also who do you think is the best cover artist right now? Include the names some of your favorite covers...