Thursday, February 21, 2008

My Deepest Love excerpt: *Erotic*

Reaching out with one finger Zack ran it from the top of Traci’s perfectly formed breast down to the hard nipple. Cupping the mound with his hand, Zack brushed the hardened peak with his thumb watching the reaction on Traci’s face. Her lovely eyes were closed and her thrown back drawing his attention to her long neck. Leaning in ,his tongue flickered against it twice before drawing it into his mouth slowly; he sucked her like he had all the time in the world just to learn the flavor of her.
“Baby, don’t do that I can’t take it.” Traci panted trying to remove his head from her breast, but he wasn’t having it. This was his first taste of her and he was going to savor it.
Finally, he popped the right nipple out and moved on to the other one. He held the left breast in his hand fondling it for a while, “I can’t believe how soft and beautiful you are, sweetheart.” Rubbing the bud between his thumb and forefinger he felt if get even harder, smiling he made eye contact with Traci, “Do you like this honey?”
Traci bit her lip and nodded but not one word left her perfectly formed mouth.
Drawing the nipple into his mouth Zack loved it slowly as the first one. Easing one hand down her legs, he pushed up her short black skirt then eased his hand between them. One long finger slid inside her underwear brushing against her moistness, “Baby, you are so ready for me aren’t you,” he asked around the nipple in his mouth.
Dropping her head on his chest Traci said, “You can’t do this to me.”
Suddenly another finger joined the first one, “Do what?” he questioned letting go of her tasty nipple with a popping sound..
“Make me crave your touch.” She hissed pulling her bottom lip between her two front teeth.
“You mean this touch?” he asked sliding both fingers knuckle deep inside her. He loved how a fine sheen of sweat covered Traci’s taut body. Zack captured Traci’s mouth while his fingers worked their magic. Soon Traci was squirming on his lap trying to get away from the pressure building up in her body.
Tearing her mouth away, she panted, “No, I can’t let you do this.”
“Shhh…” He whispered flipping her back down on the comfortable couch. “You need this release let me give it to you.” Sliding his fingers quickly from her body Zack used them to remove the skirt and the rest of the clothes from her body; then eased both of his fingers right back in before she had a chance to miss them.
Using his free hand Zack held her wrists above her head lightly, so anytime Traci wanted to get free she could. This wasn’t about control but showing her how much; he wanted to cherish her body. His mouth drew her still moist nipple back into his waiting mouth. Keeping her legs in the position he wanted Zack loved her with the skill he knew he possessed.
Traci’s soft whispers begged him to stop but she kept moving her body with the rhythm of his fingers. If it felt this good to him, he could only imagine how good Traci was feeling. He knew that his mouth and fingers had her so close, it was only a matter of seconds.
He could feel Traci was about to find her release and he didn’t want to miss it. Kissing each nipple Zack leaned on his elbow and raked his eyes over her squirming body. She had closed her eyes a while ago allowing herself to enjoy the moment. Moving his fingers a little more Traci cried out for him and he captured her sweet screams with his mouth.
Easing his hand away from her body, he hugged her drenched naked body to his clothed and then laid them down on the couch. Reaching up he covered them with the blanket lying on the back. He had never felt this fulfillment with the actually making love. Closing his eyes, Zack wrapped his arm around Traci’s waist and fell to sleep.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Friday, February 08, 2008

Taken by Storm New Cover and blurb!!!

Marie Rochelle fans,
My first #1 best seller is coming back soon.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Contest a free copy of With all my Heart

To win a free copy of With All My heart. Please email the answer to this question at

What did Forbes give up in Cover Model to be with Kissa?

Please place With all my Heart contest answer in the subject line and the answer within the body of the email. Contest ends on February 13th. Good luck to everyone who enters.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

All the Fixin' lands in the top spot at Phaze!!

I want to thank all of my fans who purchased a copy of this book making it the #1 bestseller at Phaze. I couldn't have done it without all of you.
Marie Rochelle