Sunday, December 20, 2009

Marie Rochelle calendar contest...

Marie Rochelle Calendar Contest:

Five lucky fans will win an autographed Marie Rochelle 2010 calendar. Each month will feature a cover from a Marie Rochelle book. To enter you have to answer the following question:

In Caught 2 where was Ajana hiding out? Hint: It’s the place Ryan learns her (Ajana’s) mother was born.

Sent your answer(s) to: with CC 2010 in the subject line. Do not place any answers here.

The contest ends on December 31st.

Good Luck!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Men of CCD: Help Wanted (Final book in series)

Jim Russell didn’t care the rest of his buddies from CCD had found their true loves and had gotten married. He was done with the whole dating scene. Well….the thought he was until he saw her at the airport and secretly he began to change his mind.
Keira Winters had always been known as strong, outspoken and very independent but after an accident something changed in her and she wasn’t the woman she once was…She wants to get back to her old self. Will she be able to with the help of a man she “hated” at first sight?
Will Jim and Keira be able to overcome their battle of wills to find everlasting love in the final book of The Men of CCD Series…….Help Wanted?

Coming in 2010

Saturday, December 05, 2009

Phaze November Top 20

Phaze November Top 20

I want to thank all of my wonderful fans would put me on this list again.


Tameka's Smile - Zena Wynn
Double Trouble - GA Hauser
Bending the Rules - Jack Greene
Rip Cord - Jeanne St. James
Crossroads Showdown - Keta Diablo
Two In Two Out - GA Hauser
The Carpenter and the Fairy - Cassandra Gold
Mary and the Bear - Zena Wynn
Touch Me, Tease Me, Whip Me - Eliza Gayle
Burkett Isle - Mychael and Shayne
Home for the Holiday - Wendy Stone
Man to Man - GA Hauser
Indian Blood Moon - Jaxx Steele
Desire - Marie Rochelle
Rope Dreams - Eliza Gayle
Watch Me Hide - Eliza Gayle
Sexhibition - Tigra Luna LeMar
The Question - Zena Wynn
Taken by Storm - Marie Rochelle
Closer to You: Lee - Marie Rochelle