Thursday, May 20, 2010

Roped Into You excerpt (unedited)

Leila finished drying off her body with the thick white towel and laid it to the side before she grabbed the dark blue robe off the sink and wrapped it around her. She knew that Sam was probably already dressed and looking for her downstairs, but she wasn’t ready to go down their yet and face Clayton.
She couldn’t get how undressed her with his eyes when she was with him. It was hard enough fighting her own attraction towards her ultra sexy boss. Surely, he knew how good he looked with his dark blond hair, dark blue eyes which were only enhanced by his naturally long black lashes and chiseled jaw bone that would make Kurt Russell jealous.
Her boss Clayton Moore was smoking HOT and she had been thinking about how it would be to kiss him. God, she couldn’t let her thoughts keep trailing down this path or it wasn’t going to run out good for either one of them. Especially after the comment Clayton tossed at her before she left with Sam to come upstairs.
For this past month, she had thought her desire for him had been one-sided, but it seemed like he was drawn to her as she was to him. She didn’t know how it came to light. One day she hated the sight of him because he was hollering at her and now she was dreaming about how he would look naked in her bed.
Was it really possible to hate a man one minute and then want him like crazy the next?
Damn, she needed to get a life and very quickly. Or she was going to be in a hell lot of trouble because her nanny contract didn’t expire for three years.
Going back into her bedroom, Leila stopped by the edge of her bed and started to untie her robe so she could get dressed until a knock at her bedroom door stopped her. She quickly fixed her robe back on her shoulders and retied it back around her waist.
Who in the world could that be? Leila thought as she headed towards the door.
She knew it couldn’t be Samantha because the knock was too hard to be hers and beside Samantha always yelled her name through the door first and knocked second. It was a little game they made up the second week she was here.
Leila opened the door and took a step back when Clayton came through the door and closed it behind him. “What are you doing here?” she asked taking another step back. No, Clayton couldn’t be in her room like this when she had no self control when it came to him.
“I’ve been waiting for you downstairs and you hadn’t shown up yet. I thought you might be up here hiding out and I can see that I was right,” he said glancing down at the robe then back at her face. “You should’ve been dressed by now.”
“What business is it of yours how long I take?” Leila inquired placing her hands on her hips. She was clueless that she had just unknowing opened her robe and gave Clayton a good view of her breasts.
“Everything that goes on at Blue Horn is my business.” Clayton took another step closer to her but Leila didn’t move this time. She wasn’t about to show him how his presence made her body turn into a roller coaster ride.
“Do you know how good you look in that blue robe, Leila?” he asked as his eyes left her face and dropped down the satiny fabric covering her slightly damp body.
“The rich color of the fabric brings out the beauty of your skin and makes a man thinks about doing things he shouldn’t.” Reaching out, Clayton ran the side of his hand down the opening in the robe exposing more skin. “You are just so damn beautiful.”
Leila moved her hand to close up the gap, but Clayton’s darkly tanned hand shot out and stopped her. “Please… I only want to look at you. Can you let me do that?” Dark blue eyes watched and waited for her answer.

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