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Coming Soon: Hunks Too Hot Touch

Nash Wentworth knew it was wrong, but he couldn’t help falling in love with Shauntie Kane. She was the perfect woman in his eyes: Intelligent, beautiful and independent. His life should have been perfect; however, there was one little problem. She had dated one of his friends and wasn’t interested in going down the same road with him.
Shauntie Kane was strong willed as a woman could be and didn’t mind saying what was on her mind. This meant Nash had to do a lot more than use his good looks to impress her and work his way into her life.
Nash isn’t turned off by Shauntie’s bluntness; in fact, it is a turn on for him. Can Nash’s determination make Shauntie see that he is able to handle anything she tosses his way?

Question for my fans:
Have you ever wanted to date a hunk and if so what kind of hunk was he? What did he do for a living?

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Buy now Me and Mrs. Jones

Renee Jones needed a new artist for her galley Divine Design and the gorgeous and very talented Travis Cole was just the man she was looking for. He would without a doubt help her business become the hottest attraction in Wicker Valley. However, she never expected to become attracted to Travis Cole. But his rock hard body and killer smile are a hard combination for her to deny or resist.
Painter Travis Cole literally stopped in his tracks the second he spotted Renee in his favorite café. All he could think about is finding out all of her secret fantasies and making them come true.
He knows Renee might try to hold back from him at first. Since she stressed a ‘business only’ relationship with him, but Travis didn’t doubt for a second he had the right touch to make her change her mind about him and their future.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Stephanie Williams: The Author who Dabbles in Erotica is here today.

I would like to welcome my friend and fellow author Stephanie Williams to my blog today. So, pull up a seat and check out her sexy blurbs and excerpts. Along with the little extras she sent along.

What I like to see (and am seeing) in the Interracial Romance/Erotica Genre

Stephanie Williams here. {{{waves}}}. As most of you already know, I am a writer of IR/erotica. I’ve been at it for a good while. I started getting interested in writing in my 20s, but as with all beginning authors, those stories remained in my drawer for a good while.
It wasn’t until I started reading more books that reflected me that I began to look at those stories again.
Sadly IR stories were far and few between. You couldn’t scare up an IR romance and we’re talking the 1990s. Late 90s!
Then one day I was cruising the romance bookshelf at my local bookstore and what did I see? A thin book with a picture of an IR couple on it. A Black woman and White man. They were a cute couple too. I immediately snatched the book and ran to the counter and paid for it.
I couldn’t wait to get home and start reading it. It was titled, Shades of Desire, by Monica White. I still have that book on my shelf.
Was this a masterpiece? Not by any stretch of the imagination. Was it at least okay?
It was passable, but I read it over and over. But in saying that, there was one thing that stood out which I wish didn’t.
The book made it about their differences in race. Ironically, his family (what little mention there was) was more accepting that hers. That kinda ticked me off because this was the 1990s, not the 1950s. Haven’t we gotten over that?
Yes, I know there are certain segments of the population that disagree with mixing the races. These people still have outhouses, lower education or just plain evil. I don’t care what race this is coming from.
Anyway, after that book I started looking for more IR books. Unfortunately, they weren’t sprouting up like weeds—until the Internet took off.
Now I belonged to reader groups that were reading, looking for and WRITING these types of books. My first readers group was IMRR. Interracial Multicultural Romance Readers.
I was so happy. I found a home. Like minded people looking for the same thing. We were finding and reading all kinds of IR books, and this was the great part. A lot of them did not make an issue of race.
Sure there were a few, and sometimes it was pertinent to the story, say, the story was set in the 1960s. But for the most part, it was about couples having the same issues that couples that were of the same race were having. YAY!
Then something else happened. Erotica. WHOO-HOO!
Now, not only can IR couples be in normal romantic relationships, they can get their freak on too. LOL!
This is where I came in. I always loved the erotica genre. When I’m not reading non-fiction like history, I’ll pick up a good erotica novel. It’s been mostly the same race stuff. OR stereotypes when it came to mixed race—I didn’t read those.
But with the evolution of ebooks, now I could read about couples that looked like me and my man, doing all sorts of crazy stuff in the bedroom!
Now I wanted to write about it.
My first book, Your Local Handyman from Red Rose Publishing, was a tongue and cheek take off from the old” “I need the plumber to come over and fix my pipes.”
My books progressed from there. I’ve written Ménage a trois stories, Paranormal, contemporary. None of my characters make race a big deal. In fact, the only way you know the characters are of a different races is either, it says in the description, you see the cover, and when the characters describe each other: “She was a beautiful golden honey color, that he wanted to melt in his mouth.” That’s it. After that, the only issues they have is what I give them. LOL!
I am also seeing IR romance/erotica books, mixing in with the regular books at the books stores. YIPPIE! They are no longer segregated to a certain area or heading. Even the AA/AA books are staring to mix and mingle a bit.
This is significant to me. Yes, I write IR books, because they reflected me, my dating habits and my now marriage and you as a reader want to see something that closely mimics your lifestyle. But at the same time, you don’t want to be separated from the mainstream. In fact you want to BE the mainstream.
That’s what I’m seeing now and hopefully will continue to see in this colorful genre.


BUY LINK Amazon:

Hot for the High School principal?
You bet! What’s a woman to do when her former student comes back and reveals to her that he wants keep her for detention?
Mia Bradford is the principal of Fremont High. She’s uncompromising and believes in tough love for her students. In fact, she’s helped many of them reach their full potential. She’s always happy to reconnect with them years later and see what they have accomplished in life. But one student in particular is making her more than a little nervous.
Brett Wyndam has seen and done a lot in his life, a lot of it rewarding and some of it tragic. But the one dream he hasn’t realized in his life is the one thing he’s always wanted: Mia Bradford. When he attended Fremont, he’d served detention under her, time after time. Now that he’s back in town, eight years later, it’s time to turn the tables and fulfill a promise to himself.
Can Brett get Mia to be honest with herself and explore the desires she’s harboring? Or will the past get in the way and ruin what could be a loving, but admittedly unconventional, relationship?

“Mia, I have a secret. Something I’ve been keeping to myself since my senior year in high school.” He rubbed his cheek against hers. She wanted to faint.

The smell of expensive cologne and pure man made Mia’s stomach tighten and her grip on reality weaken. She tried to refocus on making a quick exit, but then something clicked in her head. Brett Wyndam had a secret? That piqued her curiosity. Mr. Big-Man-on-Campus, the boy-now-man, who seemed to have the world on a string, was hiding something?

“Okay, what’s your big secret?” She paused, staring into his eyes. Then she let out a slight gasp.

“Wait. Are you gay?”

The response she got wasn’t what she expected. He threw back his head and burst out laughing.
“I am very, very straight, which I will be more than happy to confirm for your benefit, but more on that later.” He placed his hand on the small of her back, and led her into the living room. “The secret I have is that I’ve been a very bad boy.”
He wore the most perverted leer Mia had ever seen. “So what else is new?” she asked. She sat down on the couch and continued to drink her orange juice. And the sass on him, saying he’d confirm it for me. As if! She subtly closed her thighs even tighter, keeping an unexplained arousal in check. He’s still younger than I am. He’s still that boy I kept after school. That would be her mantra as he continued to speak.

“You don’t understand, Mia. In high school, I was a different kind of bad.” He joined her on the sofa, but this time, he kept a respectful distance from her.

“All I know is I had to keep you after school for detention for half your senior year because of your tomfoolery.”

“Ah, yes,” Brett said, nodding his head. “But there was a reason for my mischief.”

“Really? Getting in trouble and almost throwing away a perfectly good education?”

“But I didn’t throw it away. I was valedictorian, remember?”

How could she forget? He was just about perfect at everything, and his charm had kept others from labeling him as a nerd and picking on him. He’d kept a 4.0 average throughout his school years, yet he’d insisted on getting into trouble. She could never understand people like him. He had it all, but seemed to want to throw it all away as a teen. She was busting her butt teaching kids who didn’t have a tenth of the privileges Brett had, yet were better at staying out of trouble in spite of peer pressure and their environment.

“So what’s the reason?” she asked in her most self-righteous tone.

“To be near you.”

Mia nearly choked on her juice.



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Janet Harrison is the number one reporter at Channel Ten News. She is also the go to woman for every mobster in Chicago. She’s their mouthpiece. When they’re ready to snitch they come to her and she is more than willing to listen—anything to put the big fish behind bars.
And she got a big fish: Salvatore “The Lip” Valinci. She also got herself in a whole lot of trouble. She stands before Judge Fernando Gonzales for being in contempt of court for not revealing her sources. But that’s not the only trouble she’s in.
Judge Fernando Gonzales has his eyes on the beautiful defiant, reporter Janet Harrison. She’s facing contempt charges because she won’t reveal her sources. Judge Gonzales wants to punish her in more ways than one.
However, things aren’t going so smoothly. “The Lip” is released on a technicality, and wants to even the score. If they work together, Janet and Fernando may survive the threat of death, but can they survive their unconventional relationship?


“Does your client refuse to talk?” he asked Mr. McCaffy.
Tom McCaffy, the latest big-shot attorney from Riechchile, Williams, Reese, Johnson and Smith, claimed the title of mob lawyer with pride. Gonzales could tell by the look on his face that Janet Harrison was making him work harder than any mobster could.
“Oh, come on, Your Honor. You know the drill. She can’t rev—”
“Yeah, yeah, I know. But you and I have an obligation to this court, as you well know. And I know, you know, she knows who squealed, so it’s up to me to find out.”
“You’re wasting your time,” she huffed, talking out of turn. She then made a show of staring at her watch. “Look, I have a hair appointment. Can I go?”
Oh no she didn’t! She’d just looked straight at him as if talking to one of her girlfriends.
“Uh…Your Honor, what my client is trying to say is that it’s late, and if we can continue this at a later date, maybe by then—”
“I know what I meant!” she snapped at McCaffy.
“Please!’ McCaffy said, hitting her side.
Janet Harrison: Hellcat. And Fernando loved it. But her mouth just got her into more trouble than any mob boss ever could.
He held his breath and counted to ten in Spanish. When he looked back over the courtroom, she stood there grinning at him. She knew what she was doing. Or did she?

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A Rancher's Promise is now in Print.

Ever since her friend Stuart suggested he wanted to hide her at his aloof older brother’s ranch, Amerie Palmer was truly expecting the worst and almost backed out at the last minute. However, the man who opened the front door was the most handsome and sexiest male she had ever laid eyes on.

But Kyle Houston had been hurt in the past and his mistrust of women ran deeper than his love for his ranch.

Amerie knew she should stay away from Kyle because he wasn’t being very welcoming to her. However, she just felt beneath the tough exterior there was a man who craved love and she could be the woman who would give it to him.

Buy now at Phaze Books

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Coming soon "Too Hot To Touch"

Too Hot To Touch

Nash Wentworth knew it was wrong, but he couldn’t help falling in love with Shauntie Kane. She was the perfect woman in his eyes: Intelligent, beautiful and independent. His life should have been perfect; however, there was one little problem. She had dated one of his friends and wasn’t interested in going down the same road with him.
Shauntie Kane was strong willed as a woman could be and didn’t mind saying what was on her mind. This meant Nash had to do a lot more than use his good looks to impress her and work his way into her life.
Nash isn’t turned off by Shauntie’s bluntness; in fact, it is a turn on for him. Can Nash’s determination make Shauntie see that he is able to handle anything she tosses his way?

Coming from Phaze Books

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Are you looking for a new STEAMY read?

Check out the newest release from Stephanie Williams and LaVerne Thompson @ Phaze Books!

JT is a top model for book covers. Burned once already in love, however, he wants nothing to do with another cover model. None can be trusted, until he meets a brown skinned beauty who's shy about posing in the nude--a novelty in his world, and as genuine as she seems. How could he not fall in love with her?

Tina is a top fashion model, accustomed to strutting her stuff on the runways of the world, but usually all the interesting parts of her body are appropriately covered. When her twin sister, a famous model, has a severe allergic reaction, she fills in on a book cover shoot. Little did she realize she'd been shot in the nude with the sexiest man alive, and he'd want her in ways she never dared to imagine.

Click on link to see their Super Hot cover.

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What is your FAVE book of all time?

Hey everyone. How are you doing? I wanted to stop in and post a question. What is your favorite book of all time. The book you go back and reread anytime you are looking for a book that has every thing you want?


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Award-Winning Crime/Mystery Novelist and 2011 AALAS Mystery Nominee Stacy-Deanne is blogging today!

Everyone, I would like to take the time to welcome Stacy-Deanne: Please pull up a seat and enjoy her amazing post.

“The Top 5 Things I Hate to See In Black Women/White Men IR Novels”

Hello all! I’d like to thank Marie for letting me stop in on her lovely blog today. As some readers may know, I write crime/mystery novels mixed with interracial romance, primarily black women and white men storylines. I am a big fan of anything interracial but it has to be done a certain way for me to enjoy it.
I thought it would be fun to take my author hat off and put on my reader cap. Below are the top five things I personally hate to see in BW/WM romance novels.

Mean Black Women
I hate a book where the BW is mean to everybody, including the WM who is in love with her. It’s unrealistic because who the heck would fall in love with someone who treats them like dirt? I’ve read books where the black heroine steps all over the man and he has to convince her to give him a chance. Just because a woman is strong and independent it means she must be a bitch too? Can’t she be nice with a decent personality? Can’t she show us a reason the man would love her? An independent woman on her own doesn’t always have to hate men and put down everyone who comes in her path. The behavior gets boring after the first few pages. If she’s pissed from being in a bad relationship, fine. But she needs to lighten up very quick or I’m ditching the book. LOL!

Stupid White Men
I doubt that a lot of white men read IR books and I say that because most men in general do not read romance novels. I think some would be very offended if they read how they are portrayed in some of them. While I hate the heroine to be cold as a dead fish, I also don’t like the man to be treated like a fool, let alone acting like one. Give the man some brains. I’ve read a lot of IR books where the white man was absolutely clueless about everything and spent his time running after the black woman. Nothing worse than seeing a character painted with a narrow brush. A stupid hero is a big turn-off for me. Who wants to read about a dumb wimp?

Characters with No Chemistry
Just because it’s an IR book doesn’t mean you can throw a BW with a WM and that’s it. Characters still have to have chemistry and they still have to be developed to where a reader finds them interesting and believable. Him just being white and her being black is not enough. We need to see them as people beyond the color of their skin. Most IR books rely on the opposites attract storyline which is fine but at some point we need to see why they would be attracted to each other. Just because they’re opposites does not mean they don’t have anything in common. It’s completely far-fetched that two people with zero in common would fall in love. It’s not possible. Even if it’s just their favorite color and nothing else, they need to have something that makes them click. Chemistry is the magic word in any romance and it should be no different in IR novels.

This ruins any book for me. Does the white guy’s motive to date the black woman always have to be about sex? Why can’t he genuinely fall in love with her and let it progress? Why does it have to be where he sees her and instantly he’s thinking of sex? I find it offensive as a black woman. We don’t wanna continue the myth that white men only want black women for sex. Does the black woman always have to be on the rebound for her to date the “white” guy? Does the romance always have to be written like she’s embarking on some new venture instead of it being treated as her simply being attracted to a man who happens to be white? Does the black woman always have to give excuses as to why she is with the white guy? Does it always have to be about a black dude doing her wrong? And let’s not mention the token black guy who gets thrown in for no reason. I wanna see the BW with the WM because they’re in love period! I’m also tired of seeing books where folks hook up because they are curious about the other race. It’s not 1963 anymore. LOL! It’s a huge cliché in IR novels that’s been done way too many times. Also, let’s stop making the black woman “the woman on the side” in some of these books please.

The Author Pulls a Fast One
Ooh I hate this! I’ve wanted to burn books because of this. Have you ever read a book where the BW/WM went through a long-drawn out relationship only to have them break up in the end and the heroine end up with a black guy? Oooooh! This makes me wanna scream. I get violent when authors pull a fast one like this! It makes no sense and it cheats the reader. Look if this is supposed to be an interracial romance, that’s what the heck I want it to be! I don’t want a black woman and white man dating for most of the book only to have her go with the black man or him with the white lady in the end. Stuff like that would make me not read another book from that author. I’m sorry but I have no patience for being jerked around. If the IR couple doesn’t end up together then just label it a general romance and call it a day.
Best Wishes!

Stacy-Deanne (Dee-Anne) is an award-winning novelist of crime fiction, mysteries and interracial romance. She is known as, "Interracial Romance's First Lady of Crime and Mystery".

Check out her recent release: “Giving up the Ghost” the first installment in her interracial romantic suspense series. Book 2, The Season of Sin will be released December 2011. Her books are available in ebook and paperback. Giving up the Ghost is available in hardcover as well from Black Expressions.
Giving up the Ghost @ Amazon:
Read more about Stacy and her releases here:

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Interracial Covers

As a fan of interrcial books would you rather have a interracial couple on the book, just the heroine or a scene out of the book which allows you to picture the couple the way you want?

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Roped into you....

Buy now in Print at Phaze Books.

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What makes you recommend a book to a friend?

I apologize for not posting in so long, but I have been so busy working on new books, edits and research. I'm going to try to get better and post something at least once a week.

So here is my post for this week.

What make you recommend a book you're reading to a friend or family member?

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Coming soon: Accept my Love: Sasha (Book#2) The Williams Sisters


Enough was Enough

Sasha Williams was tired of dreaming about having a future with her gorgeous and single boss…Sterling Hamilton. He wasn’t interested in the same things as her…not in the least. She wanted romance and candlelight dinners while he wanted her to work late at his family owned business.
He was taking her for granted and she was tired of it.
As soon as the new promotional campaign was over for Sleep Softly Bedding and Mattress. Sasha was turning in her letter of resignation and there was nothing Sterling could do to make her stay… or was there?

Friday, April 29, 2011

What makes you re-read a book?

I was inside my bedroom working out a scene in my head and I glanced at my book
shelf. I noticed several of my favorite books on there and thought about how
many times I have re-read them over the years.

My question is what makes you re-read a book?

Sunday, April 10, 2011

How important is foreplay in romance books?

Some of my friends and fellow authors was discussing this topis and I wanted to get your opinion. How important is foreplay in your romance books? Do you like it when the couples takes their time to come together? Or do you like it better when they just rip of their clothes and go at it?


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New topic: Alpha Males.

Since my new series Alpha Male Inc. is all about Alpha males falling in love. What do you think the sexiest thing is an alpha male can do for his woman?


Thursday, February 17, 2011

Newest Release. Alpha Male Inc. Under Your Protection

The Golden Rule in being a Bodyguard 101:
Never get involve with a client no matter
how unbelievably sexy she might be.

Personal bodyguard Jax Irizarry retired from the business ten years ago and opened up his own company called Alpha Male Incorporated. He was content no longer being thrown into the danger zone and got enough pleasure from working behind a desk. So, why did this best friend Frank Chantel want to hire him to protect his goddaughter/singer Sahara ‘Coco’ Chantel?

Sahara Chantel reluctantly agreed to a bodyguard to please her uncle. She was more focused on getting her singing career off the ground not an overzealous fan. Anyway, it wasn’t like she was going to be attracted to her bodyguard because weren’t most of them older men with gray hair?

Sahara's preconceived notions of bodyguards were shot to hell when she walked inside her den and spotted the tall, blond and sexy Jax Irizarry waiting for her.

Buy now @

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Coming soon from Cobblestone Press

Tired of his lackluster film career and overbearing money hungry boss action star Dexter Thornheart decided an impromptu road trip would be the best way to clear his head. However, he never imagined miles later that he would end up on her doorstep.
Evangeline Jackson couldn’t believe anyone would be crazy enough to be out during a rainstorm. She was positive the scratching sound was just in her head under she opened her front door and saw the hunk lying on her front porch.
Can Evangeline overcome the tragedy from her past to find a future in Derek’s arms?

Monday, January 10, 2011

I have a new website.

First, I want to apologize for not posting something in such a long time, but I have been busy working on a new website and a couple of new books. I also had the release of the 3rd book in the Special Delivery Series last month at Red Rose Publishing.

Here's the link to my new website. Check it out when you get a chance.