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Boss Man available now at Red Rose Publishing

“Why am I wasting my time?”

Those are the six words Fancy Shayne thinks every time when she sees the sexy rancher Maxwell Reed. Everyone thinks she took a job working at Crossstar ranch because of the paycheck, but that isn’t the truth. She was head over heels in love with the big hunky cowboy, but he only saw her as his employee.
Maxwell Reed didn’t know what had gotten into him hiring the delectable Fancy Shayne to work for him. Every time her big brown eyes looked at him, it made him weak in the knees. It was hard for him to be in love with a woman who only saw him as her boss.

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The Men of CCD: Slow Seduction (book#2)

Clinton folded his arms across his chest so he wouldn’t yank Jenisha into his arms and kiss her senseless. She looked so damn delicious in that long, black, polka dot dress. From the way the fabric cupped her high, firm breasts, he wondered if she was even wearing a bra. He didn’t like the thought of her being braless with Principal Kimball not ten feet in front of them.

He had missed the hell out of her and almost would have taken her cold fa├žade seriously, but her trembling hand gave away far too much. She’d missed him. He was certain of it. This was going to be best the job of his life. Jenisha wasn’t going to know what hit her.

When it came to something he wanted, he was like his brother Hayward. He went after it with everything he had. Right now he wanted Jenisha and he would have her.
“You don’t how much it pleases me to know that you researched my firm. I’m anxious to begin working together. I can tell from looking at you it’s going to be a pleasure.”

Jenisha shot him a cool stare. “I’m sure it’ll be an experience neither one of us will soon forget.” She gave him a once over and then focused her attention back to Principal Kimball.

“If you don’t need me anymore, I need to get back to my classroom.”

“If we’re finished here, I’d like to walk Jenisha back to her classroom. It would give her a chance to fill me in on the project details.” Clinton’s rich voice interrupted.

“Oh, there’s really no need for that. I’m sure Clinton has more important things to do than to walk with me,” she cut in.

“I disagree totally, Miss Roman,” Mark chimed in. “I think the time alone will give the two of you a chance to get better acquainted. It might be a good idea if you gave him your phone number and address, too.”

Clinton could barely keep the grin off his face. Shit, why didn’t he think of that first? He sobered quickly when Jenisha flung him another cold glare. Damn, where in the hell was her sense of humor?

“Is that really necessary?” she asked.

Principal Kimball stared at him first him then directed his attention back to Jenisha. Clinton didn’t like the lustful way Mark’s gaze traveled over Jenisha’s body before he looked into her eyes. From the way Jenisha seemed to squirm, she didn’t appreciate the lingering look, either.

Was there something going on between the two of them that he needed to know about? He spotted a wedding ring on the other man’s hand when he was talking to him earlier. Or was it one-sided? Had Jenisha shut down Principal’s Kimball’s advances and he didn’t know how to take no for an answer?

Clinton kept all his thoughts to himself. He would have enough time later on to figure out what was going between the sexy woman next to him and her boss.

“Miss Roman, you wanted this project to happen for over a year now. It’s your baby. It’s only fair that Mr. Campbell has a way to contact you in case of an emergency,” Mark snapped.

Clinton narrowed his eyes at Mark. Now wait one damn minute. He didn’t have to belittle Jenisha like that in front of him. Where in the hell were this guy’s manners?

“It’s all right if Jenisha doesn’t want me to have the personal information yet. I can talk to her here at the school anytime I need to know anything.”

“No, I don’t mind giving you the information,” Jenisha cut in. “I’ll write it down for you as soon as we get back to my classroom.”

“Well, I’m glad that’s all settled,” Mark commented, picking a pen off his desk. “Now, if you’ll excuse me. I have another appointment.”

Clinton knew when he was being dismissed. “Thanks again for taking time out of your busy schedule to meet with me.” Mark only nodded at him before writing something down on the legal pad in front of him.

“After you, Miss Roman.” He looked at Jenisha and gestured toward the office door.
“All right,” Jenisha sighed. She turned away from him and headed toward the door.

Following behind her, his eyes were drawn to the snug fit of the dress pressed against her tight butt. Shit, he couldn’t get over how sexy Jenisha was. He might have a hard time, but he was going to win her over while he was in town.

“Here, let me get that for you.”

Reached past Jenisha he pushed the door open with the palm of his hand. Clinton flinched when the hairs on his wrist skimmed across the silkiness of Jenisha’s bare skin. Casting a glance down, he saw the wide-eyed expression that crossed Jenisha’s face. He knew without asking that she had felt the same sensations race through her body.

Leaning closer to her ear, he whispered, “Sorry about that, Jenisha.”

Clinton watched as Jenisha slowly moved her face and brought her full mouth within kissing distance of his. He stamped down his need to kiss her right then and there. She was sending him a passionate challenge that was hard to resist. However, he didn’t want their first kiss to be in front of her boss.

“Don’t worry about it,” she said, going out the door in front of him.

He placed his hand in the small of Jenisha’s back and escorted her from the office. She tossed him a stunned look over her shoulder but didn’t say anything.

Waiting until they were further down the hall, Jenisha jerked away from his touch in the empty hallway. “What are you doing here? Did you just take this job to torment me?” Her russet colored eyes glared up at him.

Frowning, he reached out and pulled a lock of straightened hair between his fingers. “I like your curls better,” he complained. “They are so much sexier on you.”

He had to fight his overwhelming need to be close to her. Something about Jenisha soothed him making a happiness fill a void that had been empty for years. It was a definite turn-on being this close to her. What would she do if he kissed those plump lips of hers? Well, there was only one way to find out.

While he had her distracted, Clinton snaked his arm around Jenisha’s waist and crushed her against his chest. “I came here to make you fall in love with me, because I know I fell in love with you the moment I saw you standing in True’s living room.”

Glancing around the hallway, he made sure they were still alone and planted his lips over her cherry-red lipstick. He poured all the loneliness he felt into their first kiss. He wanted to wipe every other man from her memory. Jenisha was his, and he wasn’t about to share her with Mark Kimball or any other man at Bryant Elementary.

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With all my heart is now @ in print

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Pamper Me is now in print @

The cold night air wasn’t registering in her brain as Nicey ran out of the club to the parked car at the end of the building. How could she let Spencer kiss her like that in a club full of people? Sure she hadn’t been touched or kissed by a man in a long time especially one as fine as Spencer Davis, but that still wasn’t an excuse for what she let happened. She had a name to keep and it wouldn’t be worth anything if her behavior got back to her clients.
She was halfway to her car when a hand wrapped around her arm and spun her back around. Before she could utter a word Spencer’s mouth crashed back down on hers, he kissed her thoroughly and then stepped back leaving her gasping for air.
He ran his tongue over his mouth like he was sealing the taste of her inside. She had never seen anything hotter than that in her whole life. “Thank you for the date. I’ll see you tomorrow.” Spencer winked at her and then walked back in the direction of his Jaguar.
Falling back against her cold car door Nicey traced her swollen bottom lip for a second time that night as Spencer drove past her in his car. She hated the way her eyes followed the fading taillights. “I won’t fall for you. Nothing good will come of it. We are both from different worlds,” she whispered into the night.

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The Men of CCD: Slow Seduction excerpt

Clinton’s talented mouth moved over hers, devouring every common sense in her mind. Jenisha struggled to get away from him. She was at work and needed to set an example. She couldn’t let him take control of her mind and body like this; it just wasn’t right.
She heard a moan coming from somewhere, but she knew it couldn’t be her. She didn’t moan for a man she barely knew in the middle of the hallway. Jenisha felt Clinton’s mouth move to take several quick nibbles at the side of her neck, leaving her mouth burning with fire. Standing on tiptoes, she moved her head to give him better access to her neck.
Lifting his mouth from her neck, Clinton brushed a gentle kiss across her forehead. “I knew you would taste good,” he whispered as he moved away from her.
She stepped back and tried to regain her composure. Biting her lips, she looked away from the direct stare of his eyes. She could feel the heat of his gaze on the side of her face, but she refused to look at him.
What was it about this man that made her act this away? He blew her mind with one innocent kiss in a matter of seconds. What could he do if she fully trusted him?
Turning away from Clinton, Jenisha headed for her classroom and shoved his earth-shattering kiss to the back of her mind. She would have plenty of time to think about it tonight while she was alone in bed.
Shoving his hands into his pants, Clinton followed behind Jenisha. He smiled at her retreating and plotted how soon he could steal another kiss from her. He wasn’t satisfied with a short trip to paradise. He wanted a round trip ticket when it came to Jenisha.

Release date is Jan.26th from Phaze books

Crossing the Railroad excerpt:

“Do you really have to leave?” the soft feminine voice whispered while trailing kisses down the lower part of his back. “I thought we were going to spend the day getting to know each other, making love, and having fun.”
Logan hated leaving Joy, but he was needed at the station. New information. A good solid lead had come in this time, and he wasn’t going to miss being a part of it. He was glad Peggy had called him, but he was pissed it meant he was leaving Joy all warm and sexy in his bed.
“Sweetheart, I would love to stay here with you, but I can’t. I swear I’ll make it up to you.” Looking over his shoulder, Logan winked then smiled at Joy before getting up off the bed. “You’re more than welcome to stay here. I would love to come home and find you naked waiting for me in bed. Hell, that’s every guy’s fantasy, having a hot woman in his bed.
Shaking her head, Joy got out of the rumpled bed, pulling the sheet with her. He loved her modesty. It was so sweet. After everything they did last night, she was still shy about showing off her body in daylight. He was going find a way to make that happen. Joy had a gorgeous body and shouldn’t have to hide it from him.
“No, I should go home. I have to make sure Dymond didn’t destroy the house while I was gone.”
“Do you think she would do that?” Logan asked as he strolled toward his closet.
“I’m positive that she didn’t. Dymond isn’t like that. She has a wild streak sometimes, and I think she likes to test my patience, but she would never do anything to make me not trust her.”
Finding what clothes she could in his bedroom, Joy got dressed. “I’m going into the living room to find the rest of my clothes.”
Logan eyed Joy’s bare breasts and felt his morning erection get even harder. Shit, why didn’t he take her up on her offer earlier for a little fun?
“Do you need me to help you look?”
Joy laughed softly and shook her head. “I believe I know what my own clothes look like.” The beginning of a smile tipped the corners of her full lips. She glanced down at his erection before leaving the room.
“Did she really think I wasn’t going to take her up on her sexy offer?” Logan said under his breath as he followed Joy out of his bedroom door. Easing up behind her, he slipped his arms around her waist.
“Logan, what are you doing?” Joy shrieked, moving around, trying to get out of his light hold.
“I’m taking you up on your offer.” He didn’t allow Joy a chance to reply before he took her over to the couch. Sitting down, he pulled her between his legs and made fast work of her underwear. Logan lifted Joy above his throbbing erection and entered her with one fast thrust.
“Shit, baby,” he moaned as Joy’s body welcomed his. Logan thought she felt so fantastic as his hands just held her hips in place so she wouldn’t be able to move. He wanted to enjoy the moment while it lasted. Pulling her torso forward, Logan licked at her perky nipples before easing one into his mouth.
“Oh, Logan,” Joy murmured as her hips started moving up and down. “That’s feels so unbelievable.”
Letting go of Joy’s nipple, Logan glanced down watching as his erection went in and out of her wetness underneath her skirt. The sight of their different colors turned him on even more. If he wasn’t horny before, he was over the edge now.
He wanted to go slow. He honestly did, but Joy just felt so right and good. Today was better than last night. He would have bet a million dollars it wouldn’t have been possible and lost. He wasn’t going to give Joy up for anything in the world. She was his, and if she wasn’t aware of it, she would be before the day was over.
Logan slid his hands underneath Joy’s short flirty skirt and held her bare ass in his palms, meeting her thrust for thrust. “You’re mine,” he growled deep in his throat. “Say it.”
Dark brown eyes connected with his, and Joy shook her head. “No.”
“I’m serious. Say you’re mine.”
“I won’t do it,” she tossed back as she bounced her perfect body against his thighs.
The sound of their wet bodies slapping together echoed in the room making Logan want to find his release soon, but he couldn’t until Joy admitted what he needed to hear.
Holding her still so she couldn’t move, Logan watched Joy for a few minutes to see if what he was doing was finally setting in. “Answer me.”
“Let me go. I need…” she whimpered trying to move her hips.
“What do you need baby?”
“You know.”
“No, I don’t. Why don’t you tell me?”
“I want you to move,” Joy answered wiggling her lower body the best she could in his firm grip.
Logan sucked in a breath between his teeth. Joy was killing him without her even knowing it. However, he was going to see this out. Besides, who said that he couldn’t have a little fun with his sex?
“Oh, you mean like this?” He lifted Joy up and brought her back down inch by inch over his erection.
“Yes, but faster,” she panted.
“I wish I could help you, but I can’t until I hear the words. Are you willing to tell me the words?”
Biting her plump bottom lip, Joy shook her head. He loved how her mind and body were at odds with each other. The battle of wills between them was a turn-on. “Let me see if I can help you with that.”
Once again, he raised Joy back up over his cock until only the tip was left in her and then slowly fed her the rest of him until her tight ass rested against his thighs again. He loved the way her breast bounced with each movement. There wasn’t a sexier sight than a woman’s bare breasts, in his opinion.
“Please stop teasing me,” Joy begged, grabbing his arms. “I can’t take much more.”
“You know how to make it end,” he taunted, softly. “Say you’re mine, and I’ll give you the orgasm your body is screaming for.”
“Logan, you aren’t playing fair.”
“Honey, I never said I was a fair man,” Logan tossed back as he picked up Joy for the last time, he hoped. The slickness of her body was coating his cock, and he was barely holding on to his thread of control. His game of trying to break Joy was beginning to backfire on him.
“God, I’m yours,” Joy shouted. “Please, don’t tease me anymore. I can’t take it. I’m dying to come.”
“FINALLY!” Logan growled deep in his throat as he thrust deep into Joy. They screamed in unison as their releases hit them.

Release date Fed.9th from Phaze Books

Boss Man excerpt:

The popping of the thunder through the house made Fancy snuggle deeper into the covers. Lighting flashed outside in the sky as the rain pounded against the windows. The storm had been going on for close to an hour and it wasn’t showing any signs of letting up any time soon.
She had hated thunderstorms since she was a little girl. They had always terrified her for some reason and she never knew why. Back then her mother would tell her to closer her eyes and think of something or someone she loved and everything would be okay. It worked back then, but it wasn’t doing a thing for her now. The rainfalls back in Kentucky were bad, but this storm tonight in Texas was ten times worst.
God, she would love to go and see it Maxwell would let her stay with him until it passed, but he would probably laugh at her and then tell her to get out of this room.
“I can handle this. I’m strong. I don’t need Maxwell’s help.” A second after the words left Fancy’s mouth a loud poop roared outside her window. Jumping out of the bed, she raced down the hallway and into Maxwell’s room.
She closed the door softly behind her and inched her way over to the bed. Her mouth went dry at the sight of Maxwell’s bare chest dusted with fine blond hairs over a washed board stomach.
The leg closet to her was bent at the knee and the other one was straight. His left arm was lying across his perfect abs while his right rested at his other side. If she wasn’t so scared, Fancy would have thought twice about being in a bedroom with a half naked man since she wasn’t giving it a second though. She reached out and gave Maxwell’s should a good shake.
“Maxwell, wake up,” she whispered, shaking his shoulder.
Maxwell moaned something in his sleep but other than that he didn’t say a word or open his eyes.
“Maxwell, wake up please,” Fancy shook him again only harder this time and still nothing.
“Great, he’s no help to me.” Removing her hand, Fancy turned to leave, but gasped instead when she landed on the bed and found Maxwell wide-awake looming over her prone body.
“Fancy, what in the hell are you doing in my bedroom this late at night?” he questioned at his eyes raked over the parts of her body that was exposed.

Coming in Feb. from Red Rose Publishing.

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I wanted to start the New Year off with a bang. So, I'm having a
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Phaze's Top selling books for 2008

Mary and the Bear - Zena Wynn
Pick of the Litter - Wendy Stone
My Deepest Love: Zack - Marie Rochelle
Last Chance for Love - Brenna Lyons
Closer to You: Lee - Marie Rochelle
All the Fixin' - Marie Rochelle
A Taste of Love: Richard - Marie Rochelle
The Arrangement - Emma Wildes
Taken By Storm - Marie Rochelle
Teacher's Pet - G.A. Hauser
Homecoming - Sabrina Luna
Bound By Love - Wendy Stone
The Rancher's Ultimatum - Nia Foxx
When I Dream of You - Mychael Black and Shayne Carmichael
The Guardian - Shayne Carmichael
Loving True - Marie Rochelle
Nothing But Trouble - Jamie Hill
Survival - Jade Falconer
Add a Little Mistletoe - Aliyah Burke
Illicit Attraction - Zena Wynn
Dancing in the Dark - Jamie Hill
Beyond the Veil - Stevie Woods
Blood Slave - Michelle Houston
The Edge of Nothingness - Shayne Carmichael
Kitten 2 - Mychael Black and Shayne Carmichael