Sunday, January 18, 2009

Pamper Me is now in print @

The cold night air wasn’t registering in her brain as Nicey ran out of the club to the parked car at the end of the building. How could she let Spencer kiss her like that in a club full of people? Sure she hadn’t been touched or kissed by a man in a long time especially one as fine as Spencer Davis, but that still wasn’t an excuse for what she let happened. She had a name to keep and it wouldn’t be worth anything if her behavior got back to her clients.
She was halfway to her car when a hand wrapped around her arm and spun her back around. Before she could utter a word Spencer’s mouth crashed back down on hers, he kissed her thoroughly and then stepped back leaving her gasping for air.
He ran his tongue over his mouth like he was sealing the taste of her inside. She had never seen anything hotter than that in her whole life. “Thank you for the date. I’ll see you tomorrow.” Spencer winked at her and then walked back in the direction of his Jaguar.
Falling back against her cold car door Nicey traced her swollen bottom lip for a second time that night as Spencer drove past her in his car. She hated the way her eyes followed the fading taillights. “I won’t fall for you. Nothing good will come of it. We are both from different worlds,” she whispered into the night.

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