Sunday, January 27, 2008

Cover Model excerpt.....

“I want two scoops of vanilla and add some sprinkles on top of it too.” Kissa dug inside the bottom of her purse while she waited for her ice cream. As she found the correct money the strangest sensation came over her body.
“You should have told me that you liked liking vanilla. I would have offered up my body in a hot second,” a warm male voice whispered by her ear.
Shivering at the picture of Forbes lying naked on his back while she licked her way down his well-defined body almost made Kissa drop the money in her hand.Taking a deep breath, she bullied her body back under control and faced the wicked man behind her.
The forest green t-shirt was plastered to his perfectly portioned body and shoved into a pair of tight jeans that molded his hard thighs and everything else in between. Kissa slowly ran her tongue over her bottom lip, not knowing what the action did to Forbes’ semi-aroused body.
“Shame on you,” she scolded. “You shouldn’t offer me things like that. I might take you seriously.”
Forbes backed her so fast into the corner by the ice cream booth that she didn’t have time to blink. “You might have forgotten what we did at Ian’s photo shoot, but I haven’t. Do you know how many dreams I’ve about you at night? In some states, they are illegal.”
“That isn’t my fault,” Kissa answered over her racing heart. “We had a moment of passion and nothing else. I told you I don’t sleep with the men I work with.”
“Technically, I work for my model agency and your publisher until the cover is finished. We can date and have all the fun we want,” he whispered tracing the swell of her breasts with his finger. “Don’t you want to have fun with me? It’s summer which means passion is in the air.”
“Stop,” she moaned trying to move her body away from Forbes. His erection was poking against her, causing a pool of moisture to rush between her legs. “We can’t be doing this in public.”
“Would you rather we do this in private?” Hard fingers pulled at her nipples while his tongue licked at the side of her neck. “You smell delicious. Does the rest of you smell this good?”

With All My Heart Excerpt...

Taking a deep breath, Rayne looked at him for a few minutes before she blurted out her question. “Did you really break-up with Lisa because you thought you were in love with me. I’ve heard the rumors around the clinic about how you were going to get married until I came along.”
“I don’t want you to put your life on hold for me when I can’t offer you anything in return. You’re a handsome, sweet and successful and deserve a woman that can be at your side with her mind intact. You aren’t going to get that with me.”
If it was possible, Rayne just made him fall more in love with her. She was thinking about him instead of herself. How could he not want to be with her? She had to understand that a person didn’t have a say in when love would hit them right between the eyes. He was falling in love with her more and more each day and he wasn’t about to lose that unless he had to.
“Rayne, I’m here with you because I care about you. Some people might think it isn’t love or it’s too soon for those words, but I don’t.” Jason insisted. “The first time I laid eyes on you I knew you were meant to be with me.”
“But if I’m not…” She interjected.
Reaching across the table Jason pressed a finger to her mouth. “Shhh…we aren’t going to discuss what’s going on with you right now. We’re going to enjoy each day we have together. Until I know differently you’re my girlfriend and I’m not about to let you go until I know I’ve to, okay?”
Jason silently prayed that Rayne was single and he could spend the rest of his life with her, because he didn’t know what he would do, if he truly had to let her go.

Coming Soon from Red Rose Publishing

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Cover Model...Coming Soon from Marie Rochelle

Romance writer Kissa “Bri” Collins tried not to notice how unbelievably handsome the model was the second he sauntered in horribly late to her model search. Dark brown hair with natural highlights brushed the collar of his white-t-shirt, compelling gray eyes held hers as she tried to keep her composure as his deep rich voice apologized for being late.
Never being involved with a case that he couldn’t handle FBI agent Forbes Huntington takes risks for a living. In the fifteen years he has been an agent there hasn’t been a job that he hadn’t used his strength, charm or good looks to get solved.
So, he wasn’t worried about this new case that his boss assigned him to. How hard could it be posing as a cover model for a romance novel to catch a banker robber? Forbes thought he had everything under control until he walked late into the modeling auditions and spotted the woman of his dreams, his soul mate. Now how could he pretend to be something he wasn’t and arrest her only living family member?

Coming Soon from Red Rose Publishing

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Important Information about All the Fixin'

For everyone who loved Craig and Shea's story as an e-book I've wonderful news for you. All the Fixin' is coming out in print in June. So please come back for more details.

Marie Rochelle

Friday, January 04, 2008

Successful and charismatic Doctor Jason Tuck has been dating his girlfriend off and on for years because he didn’t think he would find the perfect woman for him. Lisa was safe and he wasn’t in danger of losing his heart to her. He wasn’t ready to give his heart completely until he was sure he had found his soul mate….and one rainy night the woman he had been waiting for literally ran right into him.
Tamika “Rayne” Yardley doesn’t remember anything about the night the gorgeous blue-eyed Jason Tuck found her during the downpour on a dark street, but she know she wants to be with him more than anything in the world. But how can she move forward when her past is a blank and his ex-girlfriend is doing everything in her power to keep with them apart.
Is she destined to live without the man she loves or will Jason’s undying love for her make her whole in…..With All My Heart?

Coming Soon from Marie Rochelle

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

All the Fixin'

Ever since Shea Anderson laid eyes on hazel-eyed hunk Craig Clark Evans, she longed to feel his lips pressed against hers. But that would never happen, because Craig hated her from the moment he met her at his aunt's house. His dislike for her only grew after his aunt left her as the sole owner of her company, Luscious Lips .'
Craig Clark Evans is determined to uncover how Shea tricked his dying aunt into signing over all the stocks of the family business to her and not him, but every time he looks into her dark eyes, his desire for her grows and other more pleasurable thoughts enter his mind.
However, it doesn't matter how much he might want the ebony goddess in his bed, he plans to do whatever it takes to get his family business back. Will Craig come to his senses before it's too late and Shea's love for him is gone forever in...?

All the Fixin'

Coming this month from Phaze