Friday, January 26, 2007

Pamper Me due for release on Feb. 9th

The Matchmaker:

Why does everyone keep telling her that she needs a man? That’s the question that keeps running through Nicey’s Johnson’s mind. She’s quite content running her matchmaking business Pamper Me and doesn’t want a man in her life. At least she thinks she is until a chance meeting with the blond hunk in the parking garage.

The Hunk:

Spencer Carlton is tired of being asked out on dates because of aspiring actress wanting to get closer to his famous Soap Opera sister. That is why when he spots the gorgeous chocolate dipped beauty hurrying past his car he decides to lie about who he is when he asks her out on a date.

After a rocky starts Nicey starts to fall for Spencer but will all of it be ruined when she finds out his secret.

Or can Spencer make Nicey forgive him in time to become his Valentine’s Day sweetheart?

Also scheduled for release on Feb. 9th Loving True (both are going to be in ebook and print format).

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

OMP News

Dear Marie Rochelle fans,

I know that you've heard by now that OMP is closing down. I'm trying to find a new publisher so I can get my books out there to my fans. Right now, I'm still in shock and trying to work through that.

I hope that my fans will stick with me through this little rough patch in my career until I get another publisher. I'll keep you updated once a week about what is going on with my career.

If you have any questions please feel free to email me @

Marie Rochelle

Friday, January 19, 2007

Future release dates for Marie Rochelle books

Hey everyone,

I got release dates for my future books and I thought you might like to know. You can find an excerpt for most of them at my website

I'm planning to add more over the weekend.

Loving True: The Men of CCD Book One Feb. 9th
Pamper Me (V-Day story) Feb. 9th
Slow Seducation: The Men of CCD Book Two March 23rd
All the Fixin' April 20th
Beneath the Surface May 25th.

**Release dates may be subject to change***

Monday, January 15, 2007

Loving True Release date January 26th

Executive secretary True Williams is honored to be the first woman to obtain the high profiled job at the computer firm, a privilege that is short-lived after her boyfriend steals valuable information and she is terminated. Wanting a new life away from the whispers and stares True flees to Montana swearing that no man will get her into another emotional entanglement again. A promise that is hard to keep after she spots her sexy neighbor.

Hayward Campbell moved to Montana to get away from the tragic death of his of his wife and son. He vows never to let another person get a piece of his heart because he doesn’t want to experience heartbreak again. Then why is it when he sees his stunning neighbor’s rich mahogany skin he finds this rule so hard to keep? Will they fall in love or will someone or something prevent it from happening?


Sunday, January 14, 2007

Nominate your fave

I got this in an email and thought I would pass it along.

Welcome to the REC Awards...Over the next little while I'd like to gather some information from you, the authors, to make this work. Please Nominate your favorite in the following categories:

Favorite Cover of 2006 (plz supply a copy of the cover):

Best Cover Artist of 2006:

Writer of the year 2006 (Sensual Romance):

Writer of the year 2006 (Erotica):

Writer of the year 2006 (M/M):

Writer of the year 2006 (F/F):

Rookie of the year (New author of the year) 2006:

Book of the year (2006)

Publisher of the year 2006

MySpace of the year 2006 (has to be an author MySpace) (please supply links to nominated spaces)
The following categories are a maybe please fill them out if you can
Choice Bad-guy
Choice Hero
Choice Heroine

Please email the nominations privately to or or . Nominations sent to the REC group sit will NOT be accepted. Nominations will be collected until February 14th. Voting begins after that.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Loving True release

Good Morning,
I know that all of you have been wondering when this book would be
released. I'm gotten several emails about it and I'm here to let you
know that it's going through one final edit.

I don't know about a release date yet but I'm hoping that it will be soon. However, you can always email OMP and asked them about the release date for Loving True and when Taken by Storm will also be avaiable in print format for you to buy.
Thank you for your continued support and later on I'll post an
excerpt from my Valentine's Day story on my yahoo group that I submitted to OMP. I haven't gotten a contract for it yet, so I've my fingers crossed.
Have a wonderful day,

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Buy Devilishly Yours and get $25.00 gift card

Marie Rochelle fans,

I'm running a "contest" for Devilishly Yours the sequel to my bestseller Taken by Storm. Sexy cop Ryan Lerner has his own story that everyone needs to fall in love with. He steams up the pages with his woman Ajana. You don't want to be left out in the cold when it comes to this story. Get it and add it to your TBR pile. You never know when I might slip another contest out there like I'm doing right now.

Send me proof that you have purchased Devilishly Yours during the month of January and your name will be entered into a pot to win a $25.00 dollar gift certificate from BAM(Books-A-Million). I know that you dying to buy a new paperback but might NOT want to spend the "Extra Money" however this is a way for you to fall in love again with Ryan and get another book(s) too.

The deadline for this January 31st, 2007. I will post the winner on my blog in Feb. Send proof to

Marie Rochelle

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Which book into a........?

Out of all three of my books Taken by Storm, Devilishly Yours and Special Delivery which one would you want made into a movie and why?

Who would play hero?
Who would play heroine?