Sunday, January 14, 2007

Nominate your fave

I got this in an email and thought I would pass it along.

Welcome to the REC Awards...Over the next little while I'd like to gather some information from you, the authors, to make this work. Please Nominate your favorite in the following categories:

Favorite Cover of 2006 (plz supply a copy of the cover):

Best Cover Artist of 2006:

Writer of the year 2006 (Sensual Romance):

Writer of the year 2006 (Erotica):

Writer of the year 2006 (M/M):

Writer of the year 2006 (F/F):

Rookie of the year (New author of the year) 2006:

Book of the year (2006)

Publisher of the year 2006

MySpace of the year 2006 (has to be an author MySpace) (please supply links to nominated spaces)
The following categories are a maybe please fill them out if you can
Choice Bad-guy
Choice Hero
Choice Heroine

Please email the nominations privately to or or . Nominations sent to the REC group sit will NOT be accepted. Nominations will be collected until February 14th. Voting begins after that.

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