Sunday, May 31, 2009

Desire...Coming soon from Marie Rochelle

Desire is when you can close your eyes, think of what you want…then you can smell it, taste it, and feel it stroking your skin. It’s almost better than sex….Almost.

Communication Specialist Nick Lavery never thought he would be the recipient of a Dear John letter. But that is what happened when his girlfriend ran off with another man….the worst part was that she left it taped to the refrigerator door. He wasn’t thinking about meeting anyone new when he decided to stop for a cup of coffee to drown his sorrows.
Tasha Kelly was taking a much needed break from her job as a supply store chain manager at the local coffee shop when she noticed him at the counter ordering something to drink.
It was then that she started craving more than caffeine…

Coming soon from Phaze Books

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Top 20 Phaze books in April

1) Tempting Turner, Marie Rochelle
2) Bound by Leather - Black / Carmichael
3) 2050 - Black / Carmichael
4) Taming the Wolf - Michelle Houston
5) Hungry Heart - Jamie Hill
6) Saddle Up 'N' Ride! - Remmy Duchene
7) Strangely Familiar - Cari Z.
8) Crossroads - Keta Diablo
9) Lucky Charms - Marie Rochelle
10) Wanted Dead or Alive - Jamie Hill
11) Rope Dreams - Eliza Gayle
12) A Strange New Breed - Wendy Stone
13) The Dom Next Door- Violet Summers
14) Murder by Design - Jade Falconer
15) Animal Instincts - Brenna Lyons
16) Mary and the Bear - Zena Wynn
17) Slow Seduction - Marie Rochelle
18) The Arrangement - Emma Wildes
19) Blue Willows - Gregory L. Norris
20) Charming Lucy - Lissa Matthews