Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Junk n' her Trunk blurb

“I would love for her to tutor me.”

Trent “Hawk” James thought those words the second he walked into his parent’s living room and spotted his younger sister’s tutor. He wanted her the second their eyes connected…but sometimes things aren’t meant to be…
Khastity Chase couldn’t believe the sexy Hawk James even knew her name. She secretly wondered what it would be like to be with him. However after one bad comment followed by a disastrous night shoved them apart.
Now some time had past could one event put these two back together or push them apart forever?

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

My Deepest Love:Zack in Print Coming Soon

Traci Wells has never thought about dating any of the men from Make you Sweat her local gym until he catches her eye. The sexy blue-eyed stranger who has the most unbelievable body she has ever laid eyes on. However, Traci promises not to let herself fall for Zack, but that vow is put to the test as the two of them grow closer and closer.
Zack Drace isn’t usually the one who approaches women for dates; but when he spots the alluring mocha skinned beauty Traci Wells that policy goes out the door. He wants to make her his more than anything in the world. He isn’t going to allow the opinions of his brothers or her sister to stand in his way.

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Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Las Vegas Narcotics Detective Lindow Woods takes his job very seriously. He believes if you do the crime you should do the time. So, he gets pissed off when she strolls into the courtroom. He didn’t want to be attracted to her, but he can’t help it. She was everything he wanted in a woman: beautiful, intelligent and damn hot. He had never been blindsided by a woman until now.
Spunky attorney Daria Jacobs has never backed down from any case. She loves to win and agrees to take on her cousin’s case in Las Vegas to help him out of a crime he wasn’t guilty of, yet she wasn’t prepared for fireworks that happen when she meets Detective Woods.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Dangerous Bet:Troy's Revenge

“Mr. Christian, is everything okay this morning? You seem a little preoccupied. Is there anything I can do for you?”
Troy dropped his fingers from his temple and found his secretary standing in front of his office desk with several folders in her hand. He didn’t even know how long she had been standing there. He couldn’t get his mind off the fact that Headley had bet him she could have the entire amount of money her father owed back to him in a matter of weeks. What in the hell was she going to do to get her father’s debt paid in full?
“Mr. Christian,” his secretary’s voice chimed in again.
“Heather, I’m fine. Please just lay the files on my desk and go to lunch. There’s no need to worry about me.” He answered making eye contact with her. Troy hoped that Heather would leave without asking him any more questions. He should have stayed home and worked from the ranch like he wanted to this morning. But he hadn’t been into the office for about a week and he felt the urge to check in.
“Yes, sir,” Heather replied, placing the information down like he requested. Then she left closing the door behind her.
Picking up the file on the top, he flipped it open and read over the contract in his hand. He hadn’t tricked Douglas into signing this agreement. Headley’s father had come to him looking for help and he had given it to him, but with a deadline attached. Douglas promised him that he would have the money back within a two-year period, but he failed to live up to his end of the bargain.
How could Headley even think that he would do something to harm her father? Douglas Rose was a good, honest, hardworking man. For as long as he had known the man, Douglas never asked for a hand-out. Then the ranch started losing business.
But he wasn’t about to lose money. Not for anyone, not even Headley. He still couldn’t believe how stunning she was. A day didn’t go by that he didn’t think about those huge dark brown eyes of hers or the hourglass shaped body that he had wanted since he and his family moved to this town.
Headley was a constant temptation to him from the moment he saw her running down the trail at her house. He had been out riding and was coming back in when he saw her and everything around him stopped.
His cock had grown so hard, making it impossible to sit still on his horse. She was a vision of perfection with the way her young, perky breasts bounced underneath her white t-shirt. The matching shorts had shown off her perfect cocoa skin and ideas he shouldn’t be thinking about popped into his twenty-two year old head.
Instead of following her like his body and mind pushed him to, he had turned and headed back for his house. He had made sure no one was home before he locked himself in his room and gave his body the relief it craved.
Headley had been so young that she never realized how badly he wanted her back then. Hell, the need hadn’t left even after all of these years. His body still wanted hers with a driving need that made his gut clench. It didn’t even stop when she stormed into his den looking madder than hell and ready to slap the taste out of his mouth.
It was quite a change from the quiet and shy girl that left here looking for fame in the high paced fashion industry. He’d never forget the day he had followed Headley’s family to the bus station and watched her leave his life. It was the worst pain he had ever felt, but he never let anyone know. His feelings for Headley were private and no one else needed to know about them.
“I see you’re sitting there plotting how to bring down another family,” a feminine voice uttered from the doorway.
Troy slowly replaced the paper back into the folder and closed it. “I’m glad to see you got my message that I left on your answering machine last night. I was a little concerned you might not show up.” He replied watching as Headley came into his office oblivious to the fact that he wanted to kiss her senseless.
“Your message wasn’t a request, but a demand. How could I not come? You know that I want to save my father’s business as soon as I can and head back to New York. So, what do you want?”
Headley was going to leave?
Troy didn’t like the sound of that. He’d have to find a way to make her stay here with him and if he had to use her father to do that, then so be it. “You made a bet with me last night that you’d find a way to pay off Douglas’s off in full. I think it’s only fair that you know the entire amount. I don’t want you making a bet that you won’t have the ability to keep. Besides, making a bet with a man like me is a dangerous thing because I always play to win,” he grinned.

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Monday, July 07, 2008

With All My Heart by Marie Rochelle

Successful and charismatic Doctor Jason Tuck has been dating his girlfriend off and on for years because he didn’t think he would find the perfect woman for him. Lisa was safe and he wasn’t in danger of losing his heart to her. He wasn’t ready to give his heart completely until he was sure he had found his soul mate….and one rainy night the woman he had been waiting for literally ran right into him.
Tamika “Rayne” Yardley doesn’t remember anything about the night the gorgeous blue-eyed Jason Tuck found her during the downpour on a dark street, but she know she wants to be with him more than anything in the world. But how can she move forward when her past is a blank and his ex-girlfriend is doing everything in her power to keep with them apart.
Is she destined to live without the man she loves or will Jason’s undying love for her make her whole in…..With All My Heart?

Sunday, July 06, 2008

June top 20 at Phaze

I want to thank everyone who placed my books again in the Top 20 at Phaze. I really appreciate all of the support
The Guardian - Shayne
Through the Dark - Myc/Shayne
Giving Chase - Jamie Hill
Making Magic - Jade Falconer
A Taste of Love: Richard - Marie Rochelle
Star's Destiny - Barbara D. Bradley
A Fall From Grace - Wendy Stone
Aneshu - L.E. Bryce
Coming Together With Pride
All the Fixin' - Marie Rochelle
Hyacinth's Light - Gus/Eon
My Deepest Love: Zack - Marie Rochelle
The Arrangement - Emma Wildes
Cupid's Captive - Reese Gabriel
Apprehension - Yvette Hines
Teacher's Pet - G.A. Hauser
Kitten - Myc/Shayne
Caught - Marie Rochelle
Pentacles of Magick: The Burning - Eliza Gayle
Homecoming - Sabrina Luna
Marie Rochelle
Don't forget to purchase you print copy of All the Fixin'
now available at Phaze Books.

Friday, July 04, 2008

The weekly Sizzler at ARE...Check me out!

I have an excerpt posted at ARE this 4th of July weekend. Check it outand let me know what you think. You have to scroll down towards the bottom ofthe page to read it
Marie Rochelle