Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Taken by Storm is back....and offered in Print

Syleena Webster has been hurt by her mother’s free lifestyle with men. But she maintains her romantic ideas about love and marriage. She doesn’t doubt the perfect man is out there for her. Storm Hyde, however, has giving up on the romantic ideas of love a long time ago.
Wealthy banker Strom Hyde has decided staying single is the way for him, so he hasn’t dated the same woman longer than 6 months in forever. He’s totally unprepared for his reaction when his sister brings her gorgeous roommate Syleena Webster home for the summer. After he gazes into her soulful brown eyes, and emotion he never felt before hits him and he sends Syleena running for the door.
Five years later they meet again. Will Storm be able to make Syleena understand the mistake he made?

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Special Delivery....Coming Soon from Cobblestone Press

Keep checking back for more details!!

Marie Rochelle

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Beneath the Surface....October 4th from Red Rose Publishing

Rynne Slater, a twenty- eight year old, gorgeous, intelligent African American woman has been tied to her desk for the past six years working on a miracle scar remover. She hasn’t thought about dating anyone until she meets the local town hermit, Pierce McMahon. Rynne promises not to let herself fall for Pierce, but that vow is put to the test as she wants to learn more about the man beneath the hood.
Pierce McMahon hasn’t been approached by any woman since his ex-girlfriend cut up his face in a fit of anger. He always thought he didn’t want a woman’s company anymore. But that all goes out the window when he opens his front door and finds the alluring ebony beauty Rynne standing on his porch. More than anything, he wants to make her his and he refuses to allow the narrow-minded opinions of her brother or his sister to stand in his way. But how can he make that happen when a whole town hates him because of the way he look. Will Rynne finally be the one to look…
Beneath the Surface?

Monday, September 03, 2007

Who would you love to give a bath???

We all know that there are hot men out there and then there are HOT men. Which man do you dream about givng a long, slow relaxing hot bath to?