Monday, March 31, 2008

Winner will be announced tomorrow

Hello, I just wanted to let everyone know who that entered the My Deepest Love:Zack contest that the winners will be announced tomorrrow.

Marie Rochelle

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Be with you: Review

Named an outstanding read by: SSR Grade: A

Seventeen years ago, ten year old Sage Nicole was orphaned because her parents were killed in a house fire. Her godparents took her in and raised her as their own. Now at twenty-seven, Sage is still part of the Teveare family. Shawn Teveare treats her like a little sister and older brother Rally treats her like she is a big pain in his ass. Everyone knows that Sage has loved Rally since she was sixteen years old and now Sage feels it's time for her to move on. Rally is in a relationship with Aponi, a Shawnee, that he thinks will fulfill a promise he made to his grandmother to keep his Teveare heritage going and since Sage isn't Native American, she can't be the woman his grandmother dreamed about. When every confrontation between Rally and Sage continue to get more heated and passionate, Sage quits her job working for Rally and starts working for his best friend Julian. What is more irritating to Rally is Sage moving out of the house that has been her home for 17 years. Sage's decisions and her dating Julian finally causes Rally to confront the feelings he has tried to avoid. Will Sage be able to leave behind her love for Rally and find happiness with the man that loves her or will Rally make her decision harder with his heated looks, kisses, and more?
Be With You was one of those "interactive" stories. You know the kind that you talk to the characters like they can hear you and you are influencing their decision. The intricately woven story was dense and satisfying. Ms. Rochelle spun this story that put you into a trancelike state until you got to "The End". Sage - innocent, responsible, and loyal. Sage had to acknowledge and do things according to her own timing. Rally had the "Eldest Child" role down to a science. He was successful, determined, and also loyal to his family. The secondary characters added more depth, dimension and insight to the main characters. The arguments between Sage and Rally was fuel for their attraction to each other. Make-up sex between these two would probably have the house burning down around them. I highly recommend reading Be With You but be warned, start it when you have nothing else planned until you finish it.
~Reviewed by Shira

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Who is your hottie???

Who is your hottie? What man makes you wish you could spend a week on a island with him?

Marie Rochelle

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Blindsided Coming Soon From Marie Rochelle

What happens when the passion of an independent woman meets the determination of a sexy man? Fireworks, that’s what!

DARIA JACOBS, a spunky attorney has never backed down from any case, even when she goes to Las Vegas and meets detective Lindow Woods. Daria promises not to let herself fall for Lindow, but that vow is put to the test when she has to work side by side with him on a case.

LINDOW WOODS, a narcotics detective with the Las Vegas police department, takes his job very seriously. He wants to make her his more than anything in the world, and isn’t going to allow even imminent danger stand in his way of making her his forever.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Cover Model review


Cover Model is the first book I’ve read by author Marie Rochelle but it won’t be my last. I loved every word. She spun an excellent tale with great characters and plenty of ups and downs, true love, hot sex and danger add up to one great story.

Forbes Huntington really didn’t want this assignment, posing as a model for a Romance Book Cover was not what he joined the FBI to do, even if it was his way to catch one of their most wanted criminals.

Kissa Collins had the worst case of writers block ever. She couldn’t understand it, usually her stories poured out of her like water, but not this time. That is until she saw Forbes!

The heat was instantaneous between them and it took all of Forbes will power to keep from grabbing her the moments their eyes met.

Kissa didn’t want to get involved and she certainly didn’t want to fall in love with Forbes. But fall she did and Forbes fell just as hard. But when secrets come to the surface their relationship hits the rocks hard. Forbes does all he can to win Kissa back but she’s not making it easy.

I really enjoyed this story and I was routing for Kissa and Forbes’ relationship to make it. I felt their pain and their happiness even finding myself tearing up a time or two. Cover Model feels real as does the electricity Kissa and Forbes generate in the bedroom. Talk about a cure for writers block! You won’t want to miss this fun and sexy romp through Kissa and Forbes’ world.

~Reviewed by Lynda

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

My Deepest Love Contest is here!!!

Okay..the My Deepest Love: Zack contest is here. It's very simple. All you have to do in make a 10 ten list. On the 10 ten list all you have to do is list the 10 ten reasons you're a Marie Rochelle fan. The best two top ten lists will receive a free .pdf copy of My Deepest Love: Zack when it gets released on April 14th.

Please place My Deepest Love: Contest in the subject line and the list within the body of the email. Thanks so much for your list and I can't wait until I read them. Good luck to all. You already know to mail them to my marierochelle yahoo address.

The contest deadline is March 31st.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Pamper Me Review by Simply Romance Reviews

Nicey, owner of Pamper Me, a match-making service, doesn't want to be bothered by the knuckle-heads her friends and family keep trying to set her up with. She wants to focus on making her business a household name. Spencer, attorney and brother of one of the most popular soap opera stars, is done dating wanna be actresses. A chance meeting has Nicey drooling but not wanting to put herself out there and Spencer wanting to get to know her better. How can Spencer make it so that Nicey spends a lot of time with him? Become a client of Pamper Me of course.

You know a book will be good when your relate to the characters before you finish the first chapter. If you are sitting reading a book and talking to the book like it can really hear you, then you have a good book. If you are saying, "Oh no she didn't!" and you know she did, then you have a good book. If a book has you showing all of your teeth and make people wonder what has you in such a good mood, then you have a good book. Pamper Me by Marie Rochelle is that book.
~Reviewed by Shira

All the Fixin' reveiw from Simply Romance Reviews

When Shea Anderson went to the reading of Rebecca, owner of Luscious Lips Cosmetics, she thought she was only getting the silver Jag that she loved to drive. It was quite a shock to her and Rebecca's nephew, Craig, that Rebecca had left the company worth over $6 million dollars to her and not him. Rebecca had wanted them to be together but she couldn't possibly mean like this! They hated each other, right? Not according to the looks that everyone in town saw them give each other. Were they the only one's who didn't know what everyone else knew?

Marie Rochelle has done it again! Great story line, romance, and the sex that makes you cross your legs to get a little relief. The characters in Ms. Rochelle's books are so down to earth that you think they are your friend from around the corner that you grew up with and you know their whole life story. There is never a dull moment in this or any of Marie Rochelle's books. There are tons of "let me squirm and fan myself" one's though. If you need a little "squirm" in your day, than All the Fixin' is for you.
~Reviewed by Shira