Tuesday, March 04, 2008

All the Fixin' reveiw from Simply Romance Reviews

When Shea Anderson went to the reading of Rebecca, owner of Luscious Lips Cosmetics, she thought she was only getting the silver Jag that she loved to drive. It was quite a shock to her and Rebecca's nephew, Craig, that Rebecca had left the company worth over $6 million dollars to her and not him. Rebecca had wanted them to be together but she couldn't possibly mean like this! They hated each other, right? Not according to the looks that everyone in town saw them give each other. Were they the only one's who didn't know what everyone else knew?

Marie Rochelle has done it again! Great story line, romance, and the sex that makes you cross your legs to get a little relief. The characters in Ms. Rochelle's books are so down to earth that you think they are your friend from around the corner that you grew up with and you know their whole life story. There is never a dull moment in this or any of Marie Rochelle's books. There are tons of "let me squirm and fan myself" one's though. If you need a little "squirm" in your day, than All the Fixin' is for you.
~Reviewed by Shira

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