Sunday, March 30, 2008

Be with you: Review

Named an outstanding read by: SSR Grade: A

Seventeen years ago, ten year old Sage Nicole was orphaned because her parents were killed in a house fire. Her godparents took her in and raised her as their own. Now at twenty-seven, Sage is still part of the Teveare family. Shawn Teveare treats her like a little sister and older brother Rally treats her like she is a big pain in his ass. Everyone knows that Sage has loved Rally since she was sixteen years old and now Sage feels it's time for her to move on. Rally is in a relationship with Aponi, a Shawnee, that he thinks will fulfill a promise he made to his grandmother to keep his Teveare heritage going and since Sage isn't Native American, she can't be the woman his grandmother dreamed about. When every confrontation between Rally and Sage continue to get more heated and passionate, Sage quits her job working for Rally and starts working for his best friend Julian. What is more irritating to Rally is Sage moving out of the house that has been her home for 17 years. Sage's decisions and her dating Julian finally causes Rally to confront the feelings he has tried to avoid. Will Sage be able to leave behind her love for Rally and find happiness with the man that loves her or will Rally make her decision harder with his heated looks, kisses, and more?
Be With You was one of those "interactive" stories. You know the kind that you talk to the characters like they can hear you and you are influencing their decision. The intricately woven story was dense and satisfying. Ms. Rochelle spun this story that put you into a trancelike state until you got to "The End". Sage - innocent, responsible, and loyal. Sage had to acknowledge and do things according to her own timing. Rally had the "Eldest Child" role down to a science. He was successful, determined, and also loyal to his family. The secondary characters added more depth, dimension and insight to the main characters. The arguments between Sage and Rally was fuel for their attraction to each other. Make-up sex between these two would probably have the house burning down around them. I highly recommend reading Be With You but be warned, start it when you have nothing else planned until you finish it.
~Reviewed by Shira

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