Saturday, December 29, 2007

Dangerous Bet excerpt....Coming Soon from Marie Rochelle

A shiver ran through him as her soft breasts brushed over his chest. It had been such a long time since he wanted to lose himself in a woman’s body. Holding Headley close to him, he backed them up until her back touched the desk behind them.
“You smell so good,” he whispered burying his nose below her ear. “I could just eat you up.” Nipping at her neck, Troy cupped Headley’s ass in his hands and held her against him. “Why don’t we just stop all of this fighting and get down to the good stuff?”
“Troy, you aren’t going to seduce me into giving in to you,” Headley moaned by his ear. “I’ll fight you every step of the way.”
“That’s such a waste of energy. I know we can find a better way for you to get rid of it. With the built up sexual tension we have we’ll be explosive together. Hell…the fire alarm will go off when we finally give in.”
“You’re wrong,” she denied with shake of her head. “I don’t want you.”
Inching back, Troy stared at Headley while she fought to keep her body under control, but he could see how hard her nipples were through the thin t-shirt. Reaching out, he ran his hand slowly down the front of her shirt pausing long enough to give each nipple a firm pinch.
Headley gasped but she didn’t tell him to stop. Instead she drew her full bottom lip between her two front teeth and waited. He slowly ran his fingers over her bare stomach almost getting lost in the silkiness of it.
“Are you sure that you want to get into another bet with me? I’m already going to win this one. Do you really want to get into another with me?”
He was ready to prove that there would more than a strong sexual pull between them. His whole being seem to be waiting for her response all he needed was the word and Headley would be screaming his name.
“You’re a smug something, aren’t you?” Headley asked running her hand down the middle of his chest. “How do you know I’m not faking my need for you?”
His lips recaptured her, more demanding this time. Parting her lips, he thrust his tongue inside and devoured its softness. He had to prove he was the only man for her. A low growl erupted from his throat when Headley’s arms wrapped around his neck and her hips grounded against his.
Tearing his mouth away, he nibbled a path down her neck while his hands eased between them and he unbuttoned her pants. Slipping a hand inside, he worked two fingers into her wetness.
“Fuck…you’re so damn tight! Will your hold my cock this snug when I finally get inside of you?”

Monday, December 24, 2007

Marie Rochelle Update:

Tycoon's Club Book One:
Dangerous Bet: Troy's Revenge Coming Soon from Marie Rochelle

Troy Christian

Marie Rochelle books Coming Soon

Books out or coming soon:
Red Rose Publishing:
Beneath the Surface-Available Now
Pamper Me- Available Now
Be With you – Available Now
Cover Model – Coming Soon
With all my Heart - Coming Soon
Love Play – Coming Soon

Cobblestone Press
Special Delivery- Available Now

Midnight Showcase:
Blindsided – Coming Soon March 2008
Taken by Storm- Coming June 2008
All The Fixin- Coming January 7th 2008
My Deepest Love:Zack 04/14/08

Outlaw-Caught 05/05/08

A Taste of Love: Richard – Coming Soon June 06/30/2008

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Contest #1

Look on my website and find the picture ofthe sexy santa.Emial me the link at marierochelle2@... and win a copy of CoverModel coming out next month at Red Rose Publishing.Please place Contest #3 in the subject line. The first person to emailme the correct link will win.
Contest Ends on December 31st
Thanks,Marie Rochelle

Contest #2
The first person to email me Clinton Campbell's best friend name's
from Slow Seduction will get a copy of my Phaze release All the Fixin'
when it comes out next month.

Please place LAST CONTEST answer in the subject line and email the
answer to marierochelle2@...

Contests ends Dec. 31st.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Special Delivery re-release coming Dec. 22nd

Special Delivery excerpt:

“Mr. Scott, did you want to see me?”
Preston glanced up and his eyes froze on the woman in front of him. He guessed that she wasn’t older than thirty maybe a year younger. A burgundy v-neck sweater was stretched across her full breasts over white slacks enhancing a narrow waist. The richness of the sweater highlighted the dark beauty of her skin making him want to reach out and touch it. It reminded him of perfectly melted chocolate. The kind you poured over hot fudge sundaes as a kid.
Preston let his eyes wandered over the exquisite vision in front of him because woman’s body should be.
“Excuse me did you hear me?” She asked again drawing his attention back to her naturally full lips.
Shaking himself out of his daze he stared into her coffee brown eyes, “No, I’m sorry could you repeat what you said.”
He tried not to laugh as the cutie in front of him tried not to roll her eyes at him. It had been a very long time since a woman had made him laugh within five minutes of her entering the room.
Taking a deep breath she stared directly into his eyes and said. “Mr. Scott, you wanted to see me?”

Yeah, he sure did want her, but probably not in the way she was thinking.

Coming on Dec. 22nd from Cobblestone Press.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Be with you: A winter sizzler

Ever since she could remember Sage Nicole always had a crush on thewickedly handsome Rally Teveare, but the stubborn devil refused toacknowledge her feelings.
To Rally, Sage would always be the little girl his parents took inafter her parents died in a tragic fire. He refused to admit that hewanted her with a passion that scared him.
Yet, he couldn't deny that the awkward little girl had grown into abreathtaking woman. A woman who made him dream about things heshouldn't and wouldn't.
However, when Sage is vowing to leave his life forever…Rally onlyhas one choice…show Sage her place is with him.
Release date: December 13th from Red Rose publishing

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Santa's Lap

If you could sit on Santa's Lap this Christmas and ask for your ultimate Christmas present what would it be?

Marie Rochelle

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Two Lips Reviews

I was lucky enough to get interviewed by Two Lips Reviews. Check it out and let me know what you think.
Marie Rochelle

Beneath the Surface Contest Winner is.......!!!!

Please email me at for further details. Please place contest winner in the subject line.

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Best Cover for December!!!! Go vote--Please!

Check it out! Two of my covers are nominated at The Romance Bistro after Dark for Cover of December under the polls section. I'm so excited!
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