Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Santa's Lap

If you could sit on Santa's Lap this Christmas and ask for your ultimate Christmas present what would it be?

Marie Rochelle


Pat Cromwell said...

Marie, that picture of Santa is hot. Good luck with the cover contest. Pat Cromwell

Danielle said...

At this moment? Santa can I please have the dude in the picture. I swear I've been a good girl!


Writerdiva said...


Thank you so much. I think Santa is hot myself. I would love to sit in his lap!

Writerdiva said...


I know what you mean. He's sexy as hell!


readingissomuchfun said...

I would ask him what was that I felt pop up HeeHee. Very sexy Santa :-) I see why they have that song now. I saw mommy kissing Santa clause. If Santa looks like that I don't blame her LoL.


Writerdiva said...


I've never seen a Santa that fine at all of my department stores. I would bet more mother's would be sitting on his lap than children.

I would like finding him hiding presents on Christmas Eve.


Anonymous said...

Ask? Surely there would be no verbal communication. Santa already knows that I have been as good as gold all year and last year he promised me my opportunity to get on his special Naughty List. As we are going down (the chimney) together on Christmas Eve, he will whisper in my ear what he wants for Christmas...I know I can produce a gift that will keep on giving.......VON

Maria said...

if he looks anything like that guy in the pic a SPECIAL slay ride with him and Justin Timberlake ;)

Victoria said...

If Santa looked like that I would never stop believing in him. He wouldn't get cookies and milk when he come down my chimney

sunnii said...

Dear Santa,
I have been a VERY BAD GIRL all year. I think that deserves a very special present. ;(). I'll be waiting under the tree.