Sunday, December 23, 2007


Contest #1

Look on my website and find the picture ofthe sexy santa.Emial me the link at marierochelle2@... and win a copy of CoverModel coming out next month at Red Rose Publishing.Please place Contest #3 in the subject line. The first person to emailme the correct link will win.
Contest Ends on December 31st
Thanks,Marie Rochelle

Contest #2
The first person to email me Clinton Campbell's best friend name's
from Slow Seduction will get a copy of my Phaze release All the Fixin'
when it comes out next month.

Please place LAST CONTEST answer in the subject line and email the
answer to marierochelle2@...

Contests ends Dec. 31st.

1 comment:

readingissomuchfun said...

Marie, I am trying to email you for the contest but for some reason the email link keeps going to a yahoo group instead of the email :(


Can you email so I can email you back with my contest entry.