Wednesday, November 29, 2006

"Special Delivery" Christmas Story unedited exceprt


Standing inside the office’s open doorway, Layla watched Preston work away at the laptop on his Maplewood desk. She was still wrapping her mind around the fact that she was here at her boss’s house for fourteen days. Preston Scott was a very handsome man. He probably had an address book full of woman willing to suck his toes for a night in his home and bed.
So, why was he spending all of the Christmas holiday with her? Didn’t he know how to treat a woman right, maybe, and that’s why he had an ex-wife instead of a wife? She was really blown away that Preston didn’t seem to care that a stranger was with him. Hmmm…maybe there was some underlining factor she could find out about. She really enjoyed learning what made people tick.
“Miss Reynolds, if you’re done sizing me up, do you mind coming in here?” Preston exclaimed without looking up from his computer.
“Sorry, sir, I was only wondering why you’re not upset by the fact you have to spend your holidays with me. A woman that you barely know instead of a loving family member or a girlfriend,” Layla exclaimed, coming into the room. The fire over to the side made the room all nice and cozy. She noticed the snow was continuing to fall at a steady pace out the window to the left of Mr. Scott’s desk. It made her homesick even more.
“You’re an attractive young woman. Why didn’t you turn down my offer?” Preston inquired as his ultramarine eyes shot up and held hers waiting for an answer. He rested his elbow on the desktop and stared at her with an intensity that made her want to squirm, but she didn’t. “Isn’t there some young man that you want to sneak under the mistletoe?”
‘I’m swearing off men for a while, not it’s any of your business, Mr. Scott,” she answered. Why would she be telling her boss this? They didn’t have that kind of relationship. Hell, they had only known each other for a total of three, maybe four hours, tops.
A dark masculine eyebrow arched while one side of Preston’s mouth kicked up, popping out a deep dimple. “I did reject your offer; however, I changed my mind because right now I’m swearing off men.
“Swearing off men….isn’t that a little much for someone as young as you?” He inquired. “What happened, bad boyfriend experience? Did he cheat on you? Or was he not attentive enough to your needs?”
Frowning, Layla crossed her arms over her breasts and glared at her boss as she came closer to the desk and went around the side. “What’s with all the questions? Are you asking so you can fill that spot in my life?” she tossed back, enjoying the shocked looked that passed over Preston’s face before he concealed it.
She stood perfectly still as Preston’s eyes ran the length of her body starting with her eyes and slowly working their way down until they landed at her boot-covered feet. She tried to keep her pulse from racing, but her body never got that hot from just a look. Oh, Preston was sexy without even trying to be. She was going to be in a lot of trouble for the next two weeks, especially if he looked at her that away again. Her breath caught in her throat when his bluish-green eyes lingered on her breasts longer than they should have.

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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

What's happening with me!!!!

Marie Rochelle fans, I wanted to take this time and let you know what has been going on with me. I've a lot of new and exciting information to let you in on.

1) I've been working on the edits for "Loving True." The release date should be next month or ealry January at the latest. It will also be avaiable in print format.

2) I signed another contract for my latest book "All the Fixin." It's an IR romance between a bw/wm. I'll be posting an excerpt on my blog either today or tomorrow.

3) In addition, I've been working on the edits for my Christmas story "Special Delivery." I haven't gotten the cover art back yet, but when I do I'll post it here.

4) I'm planning to update my website so don't forget to check it out when you get a chance.

Have a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving.

Marie Rochelle

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Devilishly Yours contest

In celebration of my new release "Devilishly Yours" (sequel to "Taken by Storm"), I'm having a contest. Please answer the following six questions and send your answers to

Please place contest answers in the subject line. Contest starts on November 10th and Contest ends on November 30th. Good luck to all.

1) During dinner with Ryan what is Ajana so pissed about when it comes to her father?
2)How does Ajana get Ryan to take her to his house?
3) In Chapter one what case is Ryan coming off of?
4) What item does Ajana take out of Ryan's closet?
5) When does Ryan start to believe Ajana might be 'innocent'?
6) The next morning after Ajana and Ryan make love where does she go when Ryan's boss calls him?

1st place gift card from Books-a-million.
2nd place gift card from Bath and Body Works
3rd place a surprise gift

Marie Rochelle