Sunday, February 21, 2010

New Marie Rochelle interview

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sneak Peek @ So Much Better

So Much Better Blurb

Why them and not her? Keri Walker thought about those simple little words ever since her boss’ fiancĂ©e left him. There wasn’t a doubt in her mind she would be so much better for Richie if he only let her in.

Richie Davidson was devastated by the sudden loss of the woman he had been building a future with. Women were coming from left to right offering him comfort, but he wasn’t interested in them…. Because one unique beauty not seated ten feet outside his office door had already caught his eye.

Coming in March from Phaze Books
(Sequel to Desire)

Monday, February 08, 2010

January Top 20 for Phaze

Top Men - GA Hauser
Corporate Seduction - Bridget Midway
We All Scream - Nona Wesley
Caging the Tiger - Michelle Houston
Binary Stars, Vol. 1: Hard Lessons/Security - Jack Greene
Tameka's Smile - Zena Wynn
Corporate Desires - Bridget Midway
Bride Ball - Brenna Lyons
Mary and the Bear - Zena Wynne
Rip Cord - Jeanne St. James
Double Trouble - GA Hauser
Caught 2: Ajana's Return - Marie Rochelle
Lucky Charms - Marie Rochelle
My Fair Genie - Tigra Luna LeMar
Illicit Attraction - Zena Wynn
Man to Man - GA Hauser
Asian Spice - Dana Littlejohn
Two In Two Out - GA Hauser
A Rebel Among Goddesses - RaeLynn Blue
The Arrangement - Emma Wildes

2009 Best Sellers for Phaze books (ebooks)

Mary and the Bear - Zena Wynn
Tameka's Smile - Zena Wynn
Man to Man - G.A. Hauser
Dragon's Lust - Savannah Reardon
Lucky Charms - Marie Rochelle
Slow Seduction - Marie Rochelle
The Dom Next Door - Violet Summers
A Strange New Breed - Wendy Stone
Tempting Turner - Marie Rochelle
Rope Dreams - Eliza Gayle
Dude Looks Like a Lady - Jack Greene
Two In Two Out - G.A. Hauser
Taming the Wolf - Michelle Houston
Bound by Leather - Black/Carmichael
Pick of the Litter - Wendy Stone
Crossing the Railroad - Marie Rochelle
Born to Run - Jenna Byrnes
2050 - Black/Carmichael
Closer to You: Lee - Marie Rochelle
Schooled - RaeLynn Blue
Charming Lucy - Lissa Matthews
Hungry Heart - Jenna Byrnes
Just a Dream - Aliyah Burke
Pirates - G.A. Hauser
Saddle Up 'N' Ride! - Remmy Duchene