Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Men of CCD: Help Wanted (Last book) Out Now

Jim Russell didn't care the rest of his buddies from CCD had found their true loves and had gotten married. He was done with the whole dating scene. Well….he thought he was until he saw her at the airport and secretly he began to change his mind.

Keira Winters had always been known as strong, outspoken and very independent but after an accident something changed in her and she wasn't the woman she once was. She wants to get back to her old self. Will she be able to with the help of a man she "hated" at first sight?

Will Jim and Keira be able to overcome their battle of wills to find everlasting love in the final book of The Men of CCD Series…….Help Wanted?

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Thursday, July 08, 2010

The Tycoon Club: Cole's Surrender has been releasd at RRP.

The Perfect Man…

Lauren Lake always thought if she could look up the 'perfect man' in the dictionary she would find a picture of Cole Brady with his dark brown hair, hazel eyes and five o'clock shadow. She never doubted in her mind Cole wouldn't be hers unit he told her how he really felt about her.

His Biggest Mistake…

For years Cole Brady felt like an asshole for the cruel way he broke Lauren's heart. He never thought he would get a chance to redeem himself until he spotted her at the Tycoon's Club.

Will his I'm sorry wipe the past from her mind, so he can prove to Lauren that she is truly his future?

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