Thursday, December 28, 2006

Which book was your favorite and why?

Marie Rochelle fans, I want to thank you so much for making this such an amazing year for me. I never thought when I came out with Taken by Storm that I would gain such a fan base. I want everyone to know that I couldn't have gotten here without the all of you.

My question for you is which of my books Taken by Storm, Devilishly Yours, and Special Delivery has been your favorite. Also who are you looking forward to reading about next year and who would you like for me to revisit?

Take care and have a wonderful New Year.

Marie Rochelle

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

New Years Resolutions

Marie Rochelle fans it's that almost that time of year again. A time to make those sometimes kept but mostly forgotten New Years resolutions. What are yours for the 2007 year?

Marie Rochelle

By the way doesn't Julian McMahon look yummy?

Friday, December 22, 2006

Special Delivery is here!!!!

Administrative Assistant Layla Reynolds has loved the Christmas holiday ever since she was a little girl, but she hasn’t been able to enjoy it since beginning to work for Preston Scott at Director Enterprises. Her tyrant of a boss hated the holiday and now she was stuck with him for two weeks at his house during a snow storm.Would she be able to make him enjoy the holiday or would his rotten mood rub off on her?

CEO and founder of Director Enterprises Preston Scott wasn’t a man known to celebrate the Christmas Holiday for any reason. He didn’t see anything wrong with working right through it to the next year. So, why after one day of having the mocha skinned beauty Layla Reynolds in his house he wanted to celebrate the holiday in a whole different way?

Buy your copy at

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Taken by Storm "In Print" News

Marie Rochelle fans a print format of Taken by Storm is getting closer. I've finished with all the edits and now it has been sent to the proofreaders. So the book everyone loved so much should be in print and ready for you to purchse by next month.
If anything changes I'll let you know.

Isn't this wonderful news!!!!

Marie Rochelle

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Special Delivery Contest

In Celebration of my Christmas release tomorrow I'm having a contest. The prize will be a gift basket filled with tea, candles and chocolate and a suprise "extra" thrown in.
Here are the rules. You've to answer the question with more than a one word answer. I would like a little bit of detail. People who don't give a some details answer (at least two sentences) won't be in the running.
Only send your answers to Any answers sent to any other email address won't be considered in the running.
There will be only one winner. So, have confidence and play. You never know it might be you!!!

Deadline for Contest is January 27th.

Special Delivery Contest questions:

1) What is the ending of Taken by Storm?
2) What is the ending of Devilishly Yours? (Note the answer Cliffhanger won't be accepted. I want to know how it ends. Hint...What is Ryan doing?)
3) What is the ending to Special Delivery?

4) Name all the titles in The Men of CCD Series.

Marie Rochelle

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Devilishly Yours review

Marie Rochelle Fans!!!! Check out my review by Angel at Romance Junkies. If you haven't recommend a copy to your friends.