Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Special Delivery Contest

In Celebration of my Christmas release tomorrow I'm having a contest. The prize will be a gift basket filled with tea, candles and chocolate and a suprise "extra" thrown in.
Here are the rules. You've to answer the question with more than a one word answer. I would like a little bit of detail. People who don't give a some details answer (at least two sentences) won't be in the running.
Only send your answers to Any answers sent to any other email address won't be considered in the running.
There will be only one winner. So, have confidence and play. You never know it might be you!!!

Deadline for Contest is January 27th.

Special Delivery Contest questions:

1) What is the ending of Taken by Storm?
2) What is the ending of Devilishly Yours? (Note the answer Cliffhanger won't be accepted. I want to know how it ends. Hint...What is Ryan doing?)
3) What is the ending to Special Delivery?

4) Name all the titles in The Men of CCD Series.

Marie Rochelle

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