Sunday, December 09, 2007

Be with you: A winter sizzler

Ever since she could remember Sage Nicole always had a crush on thewickedly handsome Rally Teveare, but the stubborn devil refused toacknowledge her feelings.
To Rally, Sage would always be the little girl his parents took inafter her parents died in a tragic fire. He refused to admit that hewanted her with a passion that scared him.
Yet, he couldn't deny that the awkward little girl had grown into abreathtaking woman. A woman who made him dream about things heshouldn't and wouldn't.
However, when Sage is vowing to leave his life forever…Rally onlyhas one choice…show Sage her place is with him.
Release date: December 13th from Red Rose publishing


Shara Azod said...

Good read. Nice job Marie.

Writerdiva said...


Thank you so much. I'm glad that you enjoyed Be With you.


Rachel Cade said...

congrats marie, can't wait to read it!!! RC

Writerdiva said...


Thank you!