Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Pamper Me Review by Simply Romance Reviews

Nicey, owner of Pamper Me, a match-making service, doesn't want to be bothered by the knuckle-heads her friends and family keep trying to set her up with. She wants to focus on making her business a household name. Spencer, attorney and brother of one of the most popular soap opera stars, is done dating wanna be actresses. A chance meeting has Nicey drooling but not wanting to put herself out there and Spencer wanting to get to know her better. How can Spencer make it so that Nicey spends a lot of time with him? Become a client of Pamper Me of course.

You know a book will be good when your relate to the characters before you finish the first chapter. If you are sitting reading a book and talking to the book like it can really hear you, then you have a good book. If you are saying, "Oh no she didn't!" and you know she did, then you have a good book. If a book has you showing all of your teeth and make people wonder what has you in such a good mood, then you have a good book. Pamper Me by Marie Rochelle is that book.
~Reviewed by Shira

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