Sunday, July 06, 2008

June top 20 at Phaze

I want to thank everyone who placed my books again in the Top 20 at Phaze. I really appreciate all of the support
The Guardian - Shayne
Through the Dark - Myc/Shayne
Giving Chase - Jamie Hill
Making Magic - Jade Falconer
A Taste of Love: Richard - Marie Rochelle
Star's Destiny - Barbara D. Bradley
A Fall From Grace - Wendy Stone
Aneshu - L.E. Bryce
Coming Together With Pride
All the Fixin' - Marie Rochelle
Hyacinth's Light - Gus/Eon
My Deepest Love: Zack - Marie Rochelle
The Arrangement - Emma Wildes
Cupid's Captive - Reese Gabriel
Apprehension - Yvette Hines
Teacher's Pet - G.A. Hauser
Kitten - Myc/Shayne
Caught - Marie Rochelle
Pentacles of Magick: The Burning - Eliza Gayle
Homecoming - Sabrina Luna
Marie Rochelle
Don't forget to purchase you print copy of All the Fixin'
now available at Phaze Books.

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