Wednesday, January 24, 2007

OMP News

Dear Marie Rochelle fans,

I know that you've heard by now that OMP is closing down. I'm trying to find a new publisher so I can get my books out there to my fans. Right now, I'm still in shock and trying to work through that.

I hope that my fans will stick with me through this little rough patch in my career until I get another publisher. I'll keep you updated once a week about what is going on with my career.

If you have any questions please feel free to email me @

Marie Rochelle


Rachel Cade said...

Don't worry Marie, you're an amazing writer and any publisher will be happy to have you

your fan Rachel

Writerdiva said...


Thank you so much. I'm looking for a new home right now.


Lori said... Ocean's Mist is saying it will remain under new management, effective, February first.. I hope all will remain well there and really hope they or someone else will soon make your new book available Marie. I was all packed and ready for the journey to Montana....I hate it when a dream vacation, via a great book, is delayed!!! Guess I will have to hang around the terminal until the new ordering information is posted.

Writerdiva said...


Loving True and my V-Day story release date is set for Feb.9th.

Marie Rochelle