Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Which book into a........?

Out of all three of my books Taken by Storm, Devilishly Yours and Special Delivery which one would you want made into a movie and why?

Who would play hero?
Who would play heroine?



Maria said...

Taken by Storm I love the story and its characters they are so complex and extraordinary.

Hero- Brad Pitt
Heroine- Halle Berry

I think the would love great together.

Writerdiva said...

Well...let me see. I would pick...

Hero- Julian McMahon
Heroine - Gaberielle Union, Renee Goldsberry (Evangeline on OLTL)

Marie Rochelle

Rolanda said...

Taken by Storm. I just loved everything about the story and the characters were vivid....I felt like I knew them. Hero: Hugh Jackman or Matthew McConaughey. Heroine: Nia Long or Sanaa Lathan.

Tanchel said...

Hi Marie:
I will be reading Special Delivery this week. But, I loved Taken by Storm. So that would be my choice.

Hero - Eric Dane (Mark Sloan 'Mc Steamy' of Grays Anatomy)
Heroine - Tawny Cypress (Simone Deveaux of Heroes)

Both characters and the storylines are complex and rich with depth.

I would love to see it as a movie.


Lori said...

I would definitely Love to see Taken by Storm.
Hero...,Matthew McConaughey or Colin Farrell

Heroine...Nia Long or Alisha Keys (other musicians have gone into acting...why not???)