Sunday, January 27, 2008

Cover Model excerpt.....

“I want two scoops of vanilla and add some sprinkles on top of it too.” Kissa dug inside the bottom of her purse while she waited for her ice cream. As she found the correct money the strangest sensation came over her body.
“You should have told me that you liked liking vanilla. I would have offered up my body in a hot second,” a warm male voice whispered by her ear.
Shivering at the picture of Forbes lying naked on his back while she licked her way down his well-defined body almost made Kissa drop the money in her hand.Taking a deep breath, she bullied her body back under control and faced the wicked man behind her.
The forest green t-shirt was plastered to his perfectly portioned body and shoved into a pair of tight jeans that molded his hard thighs and everything else in between. Kissa slowly ran her tongue over her bottom lip, not knowing what the action did to Forbes’ semi-aroused body.
“Shame on you,” she scolded. “You shouldn’t offer me things like that. I might take you seriously.”
Forbes backed her so fast into the corner by the ice cream booth that she didn’t have time to blink. “You might have forgotten what we did at Ian’s photo shoot, but I haven’t. Do you know how many dreams I’ve about you at night? In some states, they are illegal.”
“That isn’t my fault,” Kissa answered over her racing heart. “We had a moment of passion and nothing else. I told you I don’t sleep with the men I work with.”
“Technically, I work for my model agency and your publisher until the cover is finished. We can date and have all the fun we want,” he whispered tracing the swell of her breasts with his finger. “Don’t you want to have fun with me? It’s summer which means passion is in the air.”
“Stop,” she moaned trying to move her body away from Forbes. His erection was poking against her, causing a pool of moisture to rush between her legs. “We can’t be doing this in public.”
“Would you rather we do this in private?” Hard fingers pulled at her nipples while his tongue licked at the side of her neck. “You smell delicious. Does the rest of you smell this good?”

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