Thursday, April 12, 2007

Marie Rochelle updated #2

Marie Rochelle fans,

You may have noticed that OMP has released Slow Seduction and I want to let everyone know that I don't support the release of this book.

If you haven't joined my group, join now. I've a wonderful free read there and I know that you'll like it. I want to let you know that I'm not supporting any of the promos that OMP is doing for my books. I'm trying DAILY to get my books off the website, but nothing has worked yet.

OMP might continue to release book that I submitted a long time ago and the only thing I've to say it that they are being published against my wishes and if you're a member of my yahoo group you'll get a surprise free read every once in a while.

Feel free to email me.

Marie Rochelle


Rachel Cade said...

Omp totally sucks for that Mrie, you know your in my thoughts to get out of this and get your work back, your an awesome writer and only good things will happen for you


Writerdiva said...

Thanks, but I'm not letting it get me down. I'm working on a new book right now.

Marie Rochelle