Friday, November 09, 2007

Pamper Me is coming back!!!

Pamper Me Blurb:
The Matchmaker:Why does everyone keep telling her that she needs a man? That’s the question that keeps running through Nicey Johnson’s mind. She’s quite content running her matchmaking business Pamper Me and doesn’t want a man in her life. At least she thinks she is until a chance meeting with the blond hunk in the parking garage.

The Hunk:Spencer Carlton is tired of being asked out on dates because of aspiring actress wanting to get closer to his famous Soap Opera sister. That is why when he spots the gorgeous chocolate dipped beauty hurrying past his car he decides to lie about who he is when he asks her out on a date.After a rocky starts Nicey starts to fall for Spencer but will all of it be ruined when she finds out his secret.Or can Spencer make Nicey forgive him in time to become his Valentine’s Day sweetheart?Coming Soon from Red Rose Publishing with NEW ADDED SCENES!!!!

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Anonymous said...

I am looking forward to "Pamper Me" as being next on my list. The cover alone is enough to give you chills. I am going to devote some time to imagining the model's face. :) VON

Writerdiva said...

Cool! I hope that you enjoy it ! I had so much for working on the new scenes.