Saturday, April 19, 2008

Closer to you:Lee

(not actual cover) Wonderful news! Phaze offered me a contract for the third book in my Drace brother series. Closer to you:Lee. Here's a blurb:

Known as the ultimate bachelor Lee Drace never thought there was a woman out there that could make him stop in his tracks. He only wanted three things out of life: Money, power and more money. He wasn’t going to waste his time getting attached to any woman that wouldn’t be staying around that long away. Besides he had never met a woman strong enough to stand up to him until…..

Cherise Roberts hated that she was attracted to her mouth-watering brother in-law Lee Drace. He had been nothing but a pain in her side since his brother Zack married her sister Traci. She tried to stay out of his way as much as possible because she couldn’t let him find out her secret.
She wanted him like CRAZY!!
Will these two be able to overcome each other tough exteriors to find love in…..? CLOSER TO YOU: LEE

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