Thursday, August 07, 2008

My Deepest Love:Zack Coming August 18th in PRINT

My Deepest Love:Zack in Print.....Don't forget to get your copy at Phaze Books.

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Good News everyone! My Deepest Love:Zack in PRINT is up and ready to buy!
Here's the link!


“How do you like this?” Zack whispered moving to lick the side of Traci’s slim neck tenderly. Placing her hands at the side of her head he straddled her hips tracing her body with his fingertips. “Your skin is so soft.”
Pausing at two hard nipples peeking through the see-through bra, he rubbed one between his forefinger and thumb. “Does this mean you want me?” Zack questioned loving Traci’s body’s reaction to his.
Looking into his eyes Traci nodded while her delicious body squirmed under his. “Yes, I want you,” she gasped. “You know that I do quit playing with me.”
Smirking Zack bent down and ran the very tip of his tongue across the end of her nipple. “Hmm…you taste so sweet.” He breathed against her nipple. “I love when you taste like this. It makes me want to lick and taste the rest of you.”
Whimpering Traci tried to rise off the bed, but he gently pushed her back down. “Honey, tell me what you want and I’ll do it.”
Traci was shocked at her own eagerness to tell him what she wanted, “I want your mouth.”
“Right here,” he asked brushing a thumb over the hard nipple.
“You know the answer is yes,” she moaned between clenched teeth.
“Remember your wish is my command, beautiful,” Zack whispered.
Undoing the bra he tossed to the floor, “I always did love hard candy,” he groaned taking a pointed nipple into his mouth sucking hard. Running her hands through his hair Traci kept his face against her breasts purring in the back of her throat.

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