Saturday, October 18, 2008

Badazz Authors!!!

There's something about a bold, badazz woman that screams freaking awesome. One encounter with one and you know that you're going to get the ride of your life. And the only thing better than one badazz woman is a posse full of them!
Full of life, boldness and attitude, this group of ladies encompasses the full spectrum of sensual romance. Penning stories to seduce your mind, they offer sultry choices in a variety of genres. Good prose and great conversation has made them good friends. Deciding to pool their collective talents, they've joined forces to give you a one-stop site to sip and taste their heady fare. Join authors CAMILLE ANTHONY, SHARA AZOD, RAELYNN BLUE, SAVANNAH J. FRIERSON, LAURA GUEVARA & DREA RILEY, JEANIE JOHNSON & JAYHA LEIGH, REID RANDOLPH & YAZMIN TAYLOR AND MARIE ROCHELLE as they launch their combined website. Celebrating their steamy, sexy, sizzling styles, their new website explodes onto the 'Net in November! Stay tuned for more information in the upcoming days.

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