Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Junk 'n' her Trunk coming November 6th from RRP

“Trent, you need to stop,” Khastity whispered touching his wrist.
He shook off her light touch and moved closer to her body. He was tried of trying to deny the attraction that was blazing between them. It was there when they were younger and that time they had been apart hadn’t diminished it. It was dying to break free of its self-made prison and he was going to help it escape.
As his mouth eased close to hers Khastity tried to move her head, but he caught her chin with his fingers. “You want this as much as I do. You need this as badly as I do.”
“No, don’t,” Khastity uttered, softly.
The weak plea wasn’t going to deter him from his goal. He wanted to know the sweet taste of Khastity’s mouth. He moved his mouth over hers, devouring its softness. The touch of her lips on his sent a shock wave through his entire body. Crushing her to him, he slipped his tongue past her lips into her waiting mouth. The fresh taste of her gave him an instant hard-on.
Hawk thought Khastity would fight the kiss more, but instead she wrapped her arms around his neck and returned the kiss. He slowly ran his hands down her side and then moved close to cup her ass in his hands. Leaning back on the table, he spread his legs wide and pulled Khastity between them so she could feel how much he wanted her.
“Baby, you taste so good,” he moaned against her swollen lips. “I could stay here and kiss you all day.”

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