Sunday, September 06, 2009

Win a Marie Rochelle goodie Tote Bag

Since summer is almost over I wanted to give away a Marie Rochelle Goodie Tote
bag. The bag will be filled with a lot of cool Marie Rochelle goodie which

An autographed t-shirt with hat
Marie Rochelle magnets
Marie Rochelle bookmarkers and lots more of extra fun stuff.

Here is all you have to do to enter the contest. Answer the following question

What did Brock Garrett do for a living in Three Cheers?

Send answers to Place Tote Bag in the subject
line. Don't post your answer here because it won't count as a part of the

There will be only 1 winner.

Contest starts on Sept. 5th
Contest ends on Sept. 30th

Good Luck!
Marie Rochelle

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