Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Coming Soon....Love Play (sequel to Pamper Me)

Ben Forster always gets what he wants…..and without a doubt; he wants the sexy Rishelle Damian back in his life. But there’s one problem she hates him and doesn’t want anything to do with him. She has made that loud and clear time and time again.
Ben; however, can’t erase how good they were together from his mind or his heart. Since he is known as a man never to give up easily; he is going to work night and day to get Rishelle back into his life….
Rishelle Damian wasn’t about to give the guy who broke her heart another chance. Ben must be out of his mind. They haven’t seen each other in forever. What makes him think he is still even a thought in her mind? She’s about to tell him to go to hell….until Ben invites her to spend a month with him.


Anonymous said...

When will this book be available and where can I get it....Thanks

Marie Rochelle said...

It will be released on Feb. 4th from Red Rose Publsihing.