Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Phaze Top 20 for December 2009

Rip Cord - Jeanne St. James
Tameka's Smile - Zena Wynn
Caught 2: Ajana's Return - Marie Rochelle
A Magical Story - Shayne Carmichael
Corporate Seduction - Bridget Midway
Mary and the Bear - Zena Wynn
Touch Me, Tease Me, Whip Me - Eliza Gayle
Caging the Tiger - Michelle Houston
Double Trouble - GA Hauser
Rope Dreams - Eliza Gayle
Watch Me Hide - Eliza Gayle
Bound With a Bow - Anth
Illicit Attraction - Zena Wynn
Two In Two Out - GA Hauser
Crossroads Showdown - Keta Diablo
Pick of the Litter - Wendy Stone
Bending the Rules - Jack Greene
Daringly Delicious - Leigh Ellwood
Lucky Charms - Marie Rochelle
Caught - Marie Rochelle (tie)
The Arrangement - Emma Wildes (tie)

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