Friday, August 13, 2010

July Top 20 for Phaze Books

Help Wanted - Marie Rochelle
Born to Fly: Landing in Love - Aliyah Burke
Healing the Fox - Michelle Houston
News At Eleven - Jack Greene
Corporate Needs - Bridget Midway
To Tame a Wolf - Wendy Stone
Tameka's Smile - Zena Wynn
Mary and the Bear - Zena Wynn
So Much Better - Marie Rochelle
All Alone in the Night - Michelle Houston
Daisy - Jenna Allen
Binary Stars 5 The Partners And The Guardians - Stevie Woods
Tempting Turner - Marie Rochelle
Double Dare - Leigh Ellwood
Loving True - Marie Rochelle
Servicing Lady Tremayne - Emma Wildes
The Arrangement - Emma Wildes
Just a Dream - Aliyah Burke
Picture Perfect - Jack Greene
Slow Seduction - Marie Rochelle

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