Saturday, April 22, 2006

Loving True Blurb

Executive secretary True Williams is honored to be the first woman to obtain the high profiled job at the computer firm, a privilege that is short-lived after her boyfriend steals valuable information and she is terminated. Wanting a new life away from the whispers and stares True flees to Montana swearing that no man will get her into another emotional entanglement again. A promise that is hard to keep after she spots her sexy neighbor.
Hayward Campbell moved to Montana to get away from the tragic death of his of his wife and son. He vows never to let another person get a piece of his heart because he doesn’t want to experience heartbreak again. Then why is it when he sees his stunning neighbor’s rich mahogany skin he finds this rule so hard to keep?
Will they fall in love or will someone or something prevent it from happening?

Let me know what you think.
Marie Rochelle

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Anonymous said...

I like the premise of the story and I look forward to purchasing it and reading it I hope very soon.