Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Taken by Storm is Number 9!!!

Taken by Storm on the hot titles list @ Ocean's Mist Press. I want to thank everyone who purchased a copy of my first IR book and made this happen.

Marie Rochelle


Shelley Munro said...

Congratulations on the new release - may your book travel even higher on the list :-)

Writerdiva said...

Thank you!


Jan said...

Congratulations Marie on your first IR release!! I read it in a day and enjoyed every wonderful moment. Way to go girl, you made my week with this sensual tale.

The story was fast-paced and stirred alot of emotions due to some very real characterizations!! I was impressed with the way you wrote Storm. At times, I loved his vulnerability, his take charge mentality. Other times, I wanted to drop kick his sorry ass into the next millenium!! An alpha male with a twisted view of women and a heroine who shared a couple of the hero's major faults - the inability to share completely and trust!! Both hero and heroine didn't have exemplary role models, which made for a frustrating time for the reader and the secondary characters in the story. I loved Syleena's fighting spirit and her ability to eventually forgive.

This story was engrossing and wonderfully told.

Marie, this book is a winner!! I hope that you write more about Storm and Syleena. I would love to read about them and the family in another story.

I have only one complaint. Poor editing!! Poorly edited books can turn readers off and detract from excellent stories!!

I addressed my complaint to Noemi at OMP. She assures me that all errors including continuity, omissions, transposition and typos will be addressed. All those who purchased the released will receive the revision.

Marie, I will be looking out for more of your stories. Any details on your next release?


Writerdiva said...


First let me apologize for the poor edits. I should have caught my mistakes and I didn't. I'm going to do much better with my second release "Loving True."

Now, let me thank you for the wonderful no amazing review that you gave to me. I'm so pleased that you got the in depth emotions that I wanted Storm and Syleena to have.

Storm and Syleena are two of my fave characters.

I'm waiting for the revisions on "Taken by Storm" and once those are done. My next release should be "Loving True" which is an IR romance. BW/WM.

All of my books involve a black female with a white male.

The cover is under the Coming Soon page at OMP.

I hope that the poor edits with my first book won't keep you from giving me a second chance.


Anonymous said...

You've got yourself a new fan as well! The poor editing was initially a turn off, but one I could conquer (with rolled eyes!) later down in the book. Love Alpha male I/R reads. Keep them coming!


Writerdiva said...

Thank you. Sorry about the editing. I'm glad that you finished it and enjoyed it.

Marie Rochelle

jay said...

Congrats, Marie! May 'Taken by Storm' keep climbinbg the charts!


Writerdiva said...


Thank you for you kind words. I hope it keeps climbing too.