Friday, July 21, 2006

Working out.....

I love watching good looking men working out at the gym sometimes I even find one to use as a muse for my books. There is just something about an attractive man that's all sweaty from a good workout that I find attractive.

So my question is what actor, singer or any other man in the public eye would want to spend a day watching as a line of sweat slowly work it's way down his body?

Marie Rochelle


Barbara B. said...

My choice would be big, ugly, but fine Triple H, a wrestler, aka Paul Michael Lavesque. I've always preferred the big, muscular, in shape wrestler types. At least physically. Especially since all of that disgusting body hair has been removed.

Rachel Cade said...

1hugh jackman, 2ryan reynolds
3 paul walker 4vin diesel 5brandon routh[superman]
6the rock 7travis fimmell 8orlando bloom 9 james marsden[xmen]
10 wentworth miller

Anita said...

I'm with Rachel all the way, but she forgot: Joey Lawerence!! And Colin Farrell. YUM!!