Friday, July 27, 2007

Beneath the Surface excerpt...

Taking one of his hands from her waist Rynne placed it underneath her swollen breasts, “Touch me,” she pleaded with him.
She tried to kiss him harder, but Pierce shook his head “No, I can’t,” he choked out.
Holding her by the waist Pierce shoved her away from his aroused body. Blinking she could only gawk at him, “No, what do you mean?” she muttered, moving back a little. Sliding buttons through holes on her shirt Rynne opened it revealing firm high breasts inside a barely-there sheer white bra. “Are you saying these aren’t good enough for you?”
Pierce’s mouth went dry at the sight of Rynne’s breasts out in the daylight. They were magnificent mounds of perfection thrusting out at him. His large hand reached out and quickly tore the front of the bra so he could see her nipples better.
They were a darker brown color, large and pointing at him, screaming for attention. Yanking her back to him Pierce’s took a breast into his hungry mouth sucking greedily at the scrumptious delicacy.
“That feels so good,” Rynne screamed throwing her head back as Pierce’s hand moved to stroke the inside of her thighs.
Taking his mouth away from her breast Pierce stared into her eyes as his fingers brushed her damp underwear, “Baby I want you to purr for me. Can you do that for me darling?” he drawled pulling the opposite breast into his mouth.
Dropping her head to his broad shoulder Rynne murmured, “I don’t know if I can do anything but enjoy how you’re making my body feel, but I’ll try my best.”
“That’s all I ask.” Pierce replied. Using two fingers, he tore the underwear from her body tossing them to the ground beside them. Without giving her a chance to recover, he slid two long fingers deep inside her wet body.


Maria said...

woohoo hot excerpt can't wait to read the full story :D

Writerdiva said...


Thank you. I'm crossing my fingers that it will be released this year.

Marie Rochelle

Maria said...

Hope so too ^^

Writerdiva said...

I'll post here if I hear anything new.