Friday, July 13, 2007

My Deepest Love: Zack Excerpt

Zack Drace was coming from his nightly kickboxing class when he spotted his mystery woman. She was in her usual place on the mats stretching her sexy body. He knew he should leave, but he couldn’t resist sneaking a peek at her. Glancing at his watch, Zack noticed his class had ended early, which meant he had at least ten extra minutes to observe her. Tonight her shoulder length brownish black hair was pulled into a tight bun shoving off her tempting neck. A white sports bra and matching shorts highlighted her brown skin. It showed off all her delicious curves. Striding over to an empty table, he found a seat where he could examine her without being detected. His interest in this one specific woman shocked him because out of all his brothers he favored red heads.
Leaning back in the chair, he pulled his water from his gym bag and took a quick drink. He loved coming to the gym and working out at that high intense pace. Screwing the top back on his water, he sat it on the table and watched the object of his interest finish her stretching, and then stand.
It didn’t go over his head that he wasn’t the only man checking out her sexy body and for some odd reason that bothered him. However, she seemed totally oblivious to him and the other men running their eyes up and down her body. She adjusted her sports bra and picked up her sky blue gym bag off the floor and turned in his direction.
Resting his back against the seat, Zack tried to think of a way to get her into a conversation. He didn’t even know if she would be interested in dating a white man, but he could at least test the waters with a quick hello. He noticed that she was getting closer to him and he quickly coughed to clear his throat. He didn’t want his voice catching while he was trying to impress her.
“Hi,” he said the second she was within hearing range.
She paused in mid-step and started down at him. Her whiskey brown eyes blinked, and then a smile spread across her full mouth. “Hi.” She whispered back in a soft sultry voice and then she continued to the step class behind him.
Turning around in the seat, he noticed how the shorts hugged her well-defined bottom. Yes, there were some definite possibilities there, if he could go by the look he saw in her eyes. The alarm went off on his watch and Zack cursed under his breath, Lee was going to kill him. This was the second time this month he was going to be late for the Drace brother’s weekly Wednesday night dinner.
Zack got up from the chair and snatched his gym bag off the floor. Oh well, he didn’t care because he finally got to speak to the goddess in the white workout outfit. He hoped that she would be back tomorrow. Maybe then, he could introduce himself and see where things could go from there. Whistling, he strolled towards the front entrance and went out with thoughts of her in his mind.
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