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Blurb and book details for V8: The Healer and the Alpha by JeanieJohnsonTitle: V8: The Healer and the AlphaAuthor: Jeanie JohnsonISBN: none, ebookAvailable formats: Adobe e-filePage Count: 188Download: 1 documents 1 document, 801 KBCopyright: © 2007 Jeanie JohnsonReleased: 29 May 2008Language: EnglishCountry: United StatesEdition: First EditionGenre: I/R, BBW, paranormal (werewolves and vampires).Available at:**Blurb**Intelligent and possessed of a calm demeanour, Jack Mann is the bestchoice to lead the wolf shifters and as such is given the mantle ofleadership. Alpha of the Black Ridge Pack and Supreme Alpha of allwerewolf packs of the Northern Hemisphere he is accustomed tobending people to his will. When you stand 7'1 ¼" and weigh 320pounds it's not difficult to do so. Jack was completely badass inhis wolf form. He was also badass in his human form but on top ofthat, he was lip-licking fine.Destiny Smith was many things (vampire, mechanic extraordinaire, thevamp votes 'most likely to accidentally usher in some kind ofapocalypse') but above all she is crazy. One-third of Trifecta, shehas carved out a name for herself in vampire lore with pretty mucheverything she did and continues to do. While her sister Star wasknown for diplomacy and her sister Jaylee was known for fucking shitup, Destiny pretty much stayed in the background testing theboundaries of crazy and pimping out anything that had an engine.The wedding of Astarla Hart and Commander Lukas Montague brings Jackand Destiny in direct contact with each other. Their first meetingis everything comedies are made of … and then some. In fact, itleaves the Alpha with a hard cock and a confused mind while leavingthe Healer unfazed for the most part. Subsequent meetings onlyexacerbate the problem for Jack; Destiny is too busy getting intoshit for it to bother her too much.A night of passion makes Jack determined to have her and Destinyjust as determined to avoid Jack. The problem is that Jack hasnever heard the word 'no' from a woman and Destiny has neversaid 'yes' to commitment. She's also in love with his car. If itwasn't for the pulsing heat between them they might've been able togo on pretending that they didn't need each other.**EXCERPT:**PrologueJack Mann could hear something being killed. Though a power male,his sensitive wolf ears just weren't able to take another moment ofthe excruciating sounds that were coming from the bathroom.Creeping towards the brouhaha, he approached the door on full alertas he wasn't sure what to expect. Opening the door, his eyesimmediately caught sight of the commotion and his cock went hard.Though his eyes were eating up the curvy, dark-skinned beauty thatstood under the four showerheads, his ear drums were battered by thetorturous noise emitted from her mouth. She wasn't engaged in afight to the death. She was … singing.She was singing something about average girls andvideos. He didn't know the song, but the song didn't matter. Theonly thing that his cock registered was all that fineness. Damn.Whoever she was, she was the most tempting woman Jack recalledhaving seen. Perusing exhibits at Guggenheim didn't come close tocompeting with the experience of perusing the temptress in all hernatural and wet beauty. Of course he thought that as his hearingwas being damaged.Hands down, she was categorically the worst singer he'd ever heard,and then she turned around. The blood that was filling his eardrumsquickly reversed itself and rushed straight to his groin. Whoevershe was, she was like a sledgehammer in his groin region. He felthis incisors lengthening as well as his cock getting a glimpse ofthe dips, curves, valleys and treasures of the front of her.Her full breasts which were tipped with the dark chocolate nipplesthat beckoned him to taste, to nibble. Slick with soap and theluckiest water known to man, they had the beast in him snarling ademand to be unleased. Those amazing breasts swayed as she did alittle jiggle to the music only she heard …hopefully, the tune sheheard wasn't hurting her as bad as it was hurting him.Blocking out the sound that was worse than nails raking across achalkboard, he licked his lips. Swallowing a moan, his eyestravelled down to the hair that was guarding her secret haven. Hiseyes widened and his wolf tongue involuntarily came out of his mouthas he saw that her hair was waxed in the shape of … a lighteningbolt. Damn. Jack could almost taste the pearl that he knew washidden beneath."Having fun there perve?"Shaking his head, Jack finally realized that the cacophony hadstopped. He probably hadn't noticed, possibly due to the fact thathis ears were still ringing through his brain like the brakes of afreight train. Swallowing, he moved his emerald green gaze up thecurvy body that had him sweating and locked on the amused eyes ofthe owner of the body that tempted him like fresh meat on a hunt.When he didn't respond straight away, the temptress raised hereyebrows a little more."I came to see if you needed help killing that packof wild animals you were fighting," Jack answered.Not even bothering to hide her nakedness, the curvy goddess cockedher head to the side and stared at him. Confusion flittered acrossher features and her caramel eyes looked thoughtful as she asked."What animals?""I'm sorry. I thought that a whole bunch ofsomethings were dying in here. It was only after I entered that Irealized that it wasn't a fight; you were simply attempting tosing," Jack goaded."I like to sing in the shower," she said not lookinginsulted in the least.Well maybe she did look insulted but Jack's eyes and brain werelocked in a battle. His mind said it was rude to leave her face yethis eyes and cock ganged up against his brain and said fuck that.This is why his eyes continued to wander down her delicious full-figured body. He was on the verge of grinding his teeth in aneffort to stop himself from giving into the need to tune her out andperuse her glorious feminine form."Can you hear yourself when you do that?" sheasked.He noticed that her eyebrows were once again raised but before hecould form a proper reply, a grin spread across her full lips – lipsthat would look fantastic around his thick cock. Jack shook hishead. Damn! Get it together man! He silently berated himself.Yeah, get it together and get her spread out under you! His brainand cock weren't into helping him out at all."Not really, all the water in my ears and what not,"she replied.Still stuck on ogling her, silence fell between them. Being fullydressed in the presence of a naked woman, and already having beencaught outright staring, Jack knew that the appropriate thing to dowas to back out now that he knew that there wasn't an all-out battletaking place in the bathroom. He also knew that it would be best ifhe left the bathroom without looking down. Jack's mind said onething but his eyes weren't even trying to hear that. Before hecould stop them, they looked down without his permission. His gazefell to the hair between the woman's thick thighs and wouldn't youknow it that the mouth-watering fine woman caught him looking."Don't you just love it? It's all about where you smooth the wax on.I was like, hey I want something different. I mean everyone'sgetting a Brazilian which is fine but it's like, seen one; seen themall. Ya' know?"Jack swallowed - hard. Without answering he turned on his heel andwalked back into his bedroom and slammed the door. Leaning againstthe door he gave his imagination free reign. Of course it sprintedto visions of the craziest, sexiest, curviest, worst-singing womanthat he'd ever met. Feeling the wolf trying to claw to the surface,he had to will his body to remain in human form as the sexualtension in his body rammed him hard. Why did his best friend have toget married the night of the full moon? And who was the womansharing his bathroom? He had more questions than answers but heknew one thing for sure: it was going to be one helluva weekend.Jack just hoped he survived it.*«*»*After the big, beautiful man departed, Destiny finished her showerwith the quickness. As she walked naked into the bedroom that Starhad reserved for her, she couldn't help but wonder just who in thehell that fine, emerald-eyed piece of eye candy was. Being that hewas in the fortress known as the Locke Mansion, he was obviously afriend. She hadn't met him before … because if she had, he would'vealready been pregnant with their fifth child.Crinkling her forehead in an attempt to retrieve the miscellaneousstuff she had stored there, she tried to recall what Star had saidabout any drop-dead gorgeous men and came up with nothing. Oh,wait, Star had mentioned something about being in the room next toLukas's best friend. And if Mr. Fine was Lukas's best friend thatmeant that he was in the wedding party, which meant that she'd getthe chance to see his delicious ass in a tux. Oh yeah!Lukas had fine friends. Unconsciously Destiny licked her plump lipsimagining Mister emerald eyes all mussed up and beneath her as shehad her wicked way with that panty-dropping fine body that had beenoutlined by his stonewashed jeans and t-shirt. She grinned toherself as she pictured him giving her the ride of her long life andthen reality crept in. A man that fine had to have a woman … orseveral of them.Oh well, dreams are free she thought wistfully as she slipped on theblack stretchy shirt and pulled on black jeans that moulded to herbody like a second skin. Studying her reflection, she turned tomake sure the jeans did her ass justice. They did. Hey, she wasn'tconceited, but she had a great ass and she liked to make sure it wasalways shown in its best light. After finger-combing her naturalcurls, she threw on some gloss and smiled back at her image."Hey, baby," she said to her reflection. "Sometimes I wish I wassomebody else for a minute so I could see how cool it is to date me."She wasn't conceited. She was simply a thick, black who was at onewith her size. Taking one more look at herself, she winked at herreflection, and strutted from the room. Reaching the foyer of theLocke Mansion Destiny found it quiet. The quiet meant that no onenor no thing was trying to infiltrate. That was good on the onehand because it meant that she didn't have to worry about having tokick something's ass, but on the other hand, the quiet was simply achallenge for a shit-starter like her. Smiling, she decided to findsome of the Locke Brotherhood to mess with. Being that the LockeBrotherhood was comprised of men and men were pretty much bottomlessstomachs and dicks, she headed in the direction of the kitchen.Walking into the kitchen, she smiled at seeing all that brawn standat attention when she entered. This was going to be such fun,Destiny grinned to herself."Ms. Smith," Craven the new second-in-commandgreeted her formally before bowing at the waist."Craven, how're you doin'?" she called him by hisfirst name, just as she did every title-holding Vampire with theexception of Lord de Vires. But then there was only one Lord deVires. "And please, this goes for all of you, call me Destiny. Ms.Smith sounds like a school teacher who actually does such stuff aswear underwear and doesn't do oral."A few of the Brotherhood laughed discreetly behind their hands.Boris, one of the few Locke Brothers who knew her, stepped forwardand bowed respectfully before hugging her."Hello Destiny," he greeted her.Destiny grinned and cuffed him in a broad shoulder. "How's ithangin', Boris!? Or should I simply ask all the fine ladies in thearea?"He smiled and tried not to blush at Destiny's brash greeting."That won't be necessary, Destiny. Obviously, youmistake me for the other Locke Brothers; I am the good one," hesmiled."That's what word on the street is," she grinned back."How can we be of assistance?" he asked her."Is Lukas still all up under Star?"Again several of the Locke Brothers hid their smiles behind theirhands as she continued talking."Cos' I was wondering if y'all were going to give him a bachelor'snight out?"Destiny was about to continue when she noticed the mass look ofconfusion."I know you guys are cut off from the rest of the world but come on,you've at least gotta' get Lukas fucked up on his last night offreedom.""You want us to hurt Commander Montague?" Cravenasked. Noticing his look of bafflement she burst into laughter sohard that she had to lean on Craven for support. Taking a muchneeded deep breath after her laughing fit, she spoke."Dude, you guys really need to get to know somehumans.""They are our source of nourishment–" Boris began.Destiny shook her head and smiled big before speaking."No you crazy guy! I mean actually get to know somehumans. They're fun once you get to know them.""We'll take your word for that, Healer," one of thenewer Brothers said.Her eyes flashed a warning at the vampire a split second before shespoke."Do not call me that," she snapped as anger replacedher good humour.She was about to get all up in the Brother's face when Borisdistracted her."So what do we do on this bachelor's night out?" heasked.Destiny grinned. Her ill humour forgotten and trouble brewing inher caramel-coloured eyes, she answered."Oh, don't you worry guys. Aunty Destiny is here tohelp."--our website: www.jeanieandjayha.comour bookstore: yahoogroup: blogspots:

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