Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Best of 2008

Well everyone the last day of December is here. So, I thought it would be cool to see how everyone would answer the following question(s) about my books. I'm already getting started of sequels and new characters for the 2009 year, but I wanted to see who were you faves in 2008.

Best Plot
Best Couples
Sexiest Hero
Sexiest Heroine
Best Alpha
Book that you have read more than once
Villian that you hated
Best BestFriend
Worst Best Friend
Spunkiest Heroine
Best Seduction
Sexiest Love Scene

Have fun with this and remember you can always add your own.

Marie Rochelle

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hey Ms. Marie!

Best Plot- Taken By Storm

Best Couples- Storm and Syleena

Sexiest Hero- Zack/Storm (Don't make me choose! LOL)

Sexiest Heroine- Headley Rose

Best Alpha- Storm

Book read more than once- Taken By Storm, My Deepest Love: Zack, and All the Fixin.

Villian that you hated-
April (Storm) and Sylvester Cantrell (Loving True)

Best Best Friend- Bridget Newcomb (Special Delivery)

Worst Best Friend- Tyshawn (Zack)

Spunkiest Heroine-Headley Rose

Best Seduction- Storm and Syleena on the dance floor(Storm)

Sexiest Love Scene- Cherise and Lee (Closer to you: Lee)