Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Men of CCD: Slow Seduction Coming in Jan.09

Second grade teacher Jenisha Roman couldn’t forget the green-eyed devil that captured her attention and stole her breath six months ago. She never dreamt she’d ever get to see him again…until she gets called down to the principal’s office.
Construction Industrialist Clinton Campbell never forgot the ebony beauty that he met all those months ago, so when he received a phone call from her school to work on a project called ‘Expand the School’ he jumped at the chance to be around Jenisha again. Hoping he’d be able to win her over with a little slow seduction.
Will the love between these two be strong enough to weather the tempests they will face or will Jenisha’s secret obliterate the love Clinton has for her?

Book will be avaiable in ebook and print from Phaze Books.


ValeriesWorld said...

Good luck!

Marie Rochelle said...

Thank you.
Marie Rochelle